Mason Jar Salads

This is a little stretch to be considered a recipe...
but let's pretend because I really like my graphic ;)

Today, I thought I would share a new FAVORITE of mine!

Not only do I like to throw some glitter on Mason Jars! 
I love to eat out of them as well!

Mason Jar Salads

You will need:

Mason jar- 
I used a 24oz wide mouth 
Salad dressing-
I used Olive Gardens' light dressing
I used broccoli, cucumbers, and red bell peppers 
I used rotisserie chicken
I used romaine and baby spinach 
I used feta cheese and dried cranberries

Put your dressing in first

Add your veggies

Add your protein

Then cram in your lettuce
it will pack down in there:)

Then add your cheese and extras

Put on the seal and screw on the top!

Super Easy! 
You could make these Sunday night for lunches and they will last all week!

When you are ready to eat
either shake it up really good in your jar
or pour it into a bowl!!

I made some on a Wednesday Afternoon and didn't eat one of them until the following Monday 
and it was still so good! 
It tasted like I made it that day!! 


  1. I am so going to start making these to have on hand once the baby is born!! I love salads and love that these can be prepped ahead!

    1. Yes, Justine! Great Idea!! I am eating one right now!!! ;)

  2. I am a mason jar salad consumer too!! Such an easy lunch item!!

    1. They really are so easy! Mason Jar are wonderful!! :)