Friday Favorites

Hello Weekend and Hello Weekend at the Lake with awesome friends!! I can't wait!! 

As always on Friday, I am sharing a few of my FAVORITES this week!! 

The Swork It Fitness App! 

It is AWESOME! You can set your work out time for what ever length you want and can pick your type of workout! 

I can even use it on my Apple Watch! 

My New Photo Prop Background! 

I created this backdrop using my left over #shiplap! I used this tutorial on Pinterest as a guide! 

I think it looks great behind my creations! 

What do you guys think?

Of course, the #shiplap queen had to be included in front of the new back drop! 

My 3 FAVORITE guys! 

Each night they have been playing Golf on the Playstation before bed and I was reading and looked up and saw this! #priceless 

Crafting with Ella! 

She can drive me crazy and make a HUGE mess but it is great quality time spent with my FAVORITE girl! Here are 2 of her creations this week while I worked on orders! 

I love this Daisy she drew and painted! 

She even had to take pictures of her creations, too! 

She hot glued a few pieces of wood together and said "Look Mom it's #shiplap" 

My Tuesday Talk Post about my Quiet Time! 

I really enjoyed reading everyone's sweet comments! I am so thankful for this little blogging community and the friendships I have made in the short time that I have been blogging! :)

Hope you guys have a GREAT weekend!! 

xoxo, Heather 

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  1. A weekend at the lake sounds AMAZING!!! I hope you have a great weekend there =)
    Your new background for your stuff looks really great! I love shiplap ;)

    Have a great weekend Friend!!

  2. Your new background looks perfect! I love your daughter's version of shiplap. So cute! Her flower painting is adorable, too! It looks like she takes after her mommy in the creative department.
    I hope you have a fabulous weekend at the lake!

  3. Girl, you know I loved that Tuesday post! Shiplap in North Carolina is called bead board ha! I saw that on IG and at first thought it was from my Magnolia feed but realized it was on your account! Maybe she'll see it and give you a shout out! I ADORE your daughter's crafty work! I love having craft dates with my daughter and need to chisel out some time for one this month. Happy weekending on the lake I'm beach bound for a couple days, myself. xoxoxox Amanda

  4. I do like your backdrop - did you ever post about your shiplap project? I may have missed it! I keep dropping hints to the hubs about an iwatch...I probably shouldn't get my hopes up though!

  5. I am LOVING that spirit animal mug! I loved your quiet time post from this week. I also love the projects your daughter made. That daisy painting is too cute. Have a great weekend at the lake! :)

  6. That rug!! I love it!!! Your creations are so awesome! I am glad to have found your blog. ;)

  7. That fitness Ap looks amazing!!! I need to check it out. Maybe after our vacation!!!