Thursday Confessions

Happy Thursday Friends! 

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You can feel safe to tell us all your deepest and darkest secrets! haha;)

I consider myself pretty "techie", but I still use a planner and not my phone calendar and the actual bible and not a bible app! However, I would not consider my mother in law "techie"! She is just now really learning her iPhone, but she did join Instagram and Facebook! ;)
Well a few Sundays ago, I look over at her at church and she is using her Bible App and I'm using my actual Bible! I had to giggle because it totally should have been the other way around! 

I am NOT looking forward to school starting back! For starters, Ian will be in Middle School:( Then comes lots of homework and a schedule :( 
My kids start school August 1....I am so dreading it! 

This is how the kids and I feel about back to school

As much as I dread starting back to school, I LOVE back to school shopping! I love getting the kids new school clothes and school supply shopping is so much FUN!! 
I know that is a total oxymoron....I can't dread school starting back but want to buy new school supplies! 

In case y'all are wondering, I have been awarded the
 World's Worst Mom Award 
by both of my children because I make them put up their own clothes and shower daily! I know I am just AWFUL! ;)

I have really been trying to eat better and I have seen a few pounds fall off, but I REALLY just want a big ole piece of chocolate cake and somehow the pounds not come back! 
If we could make that happen I would be so happy

Hope you guys have an AWESOME day!! 

xoxo, Heather 

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  1. Oh Heather! So right there with you and all of your confessions! We go back to school August 15 so I couple weeks after you-but still too early in my opinion! And yes why can't we indulge but ir have no effect on us getting skinnier? Ha ha! Have a great day friend!

    1. It is way to early in my opinion too:(
      I so wish we could indulge and not gain weight! that would be nice! and not even all the time just sometimes! ha

  2. August 1? No. NO! Our first day of (third grade in this house) is August 29th. Unfortunately, back to school has been on my brain way too much and I haven't even been pondering it much. What the what? I love how you talk about the actual book the Bible versus the app. Our AP's wife was beside me a couple weeks ago in service and she's all on her phone as we read the scripture and I'm the old geezer thinking - she's on her phone in church! Of course I realized it was the app and she's just way more savvy than myself. I like to hold the book in my hand and turn the pages and use a pen with it. I guess I'm old fashioned! And sugar darling - why the heck are you counting calories? You don't need to do that. I swear I promise! Cut the carbs and sugar you will be AMAZED! That's what I do and I have never felt better and looked better! I'm down 12 pounds and just about where I want to be. I'll support you if you try it! Ok time to end my novella here! Oh and I tried to enter your give away but I could never get to the original post - stupid phone. :( xoxoxox

  3. Middle school!! That hurts - just two years away for us and I am holding on TIGHT!! I love supply shopping too, and secretly want to do without my kids so I can purchase my favorites, not theirs!! Thanks for confessing with me!!

  4. School starts back here on July 25. But they get 2 weeks off in October, at Christmas and for Spring Break, then done in mid-May. I have no opinion in the matter...but give me about 5 or 6 years and I'm sure I'll have a TON to say about it. haha. And no amount of technology will EVER replace my need for a paper planner or an actual Bible. Not gonna happen!

  5. I have a soft spot for buying school supplies also! Love this time of year for that reason. Enjoy the next couple of weeks before the kids go back to school! Thanks for linking up today at Thinking Out Loud Thursday.