Hello Monday!

Oh Monday!! 
You came again way to quickly~~ However this is the last "school" Monday of 2016! The kids are I are very excited! 
I hope you guys had a great weekend~ 

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Friday, Trixie enjoyed a nap in carpool line! 
Friday night, Ben, Ian, Cory, and Conyer went to a basketball game while I worked on filling orders and wrapping presents! 
Ella played "teacher" the whole evening!  
Saturday evening a few of Ian's buddies came over to celebrate his birthday! 
They played basketball and Man Hunt when it got dark! 

Addison came to hang out with Ella! 
They helped Grammy make a pineapple upside down cake! 
Saturday morning, Ian and Ben ran a few errands! Well they came home with an original Nintendo! HA
The boys enjoyed buffalo wings! 
All while Trixie napped in Grammy and Grandaddy's arms! 

Ella and Addison watched Disney's Descendants Christmas special! 
And finally Ian opened his gifts...a basketball and the rest was cash!! 

Sunday we got up early and drove to my sister's house to celebrate Christmas with our dad! 

Ella and Adalie! 
Ben, Ian, Cory, and Melissa
Amber, Levi, and Jerica
David, Candace, Eric, and Pop (my dad)
Sweet girls opening presents

Soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Eric Ramey
Adalie Kate! 

I love Ian and Cory's relationship! Cory is so sweet to him! 

Ella picked out Tonya and Stacey mugs that look like campers! 
She was so excited to give them their present! 

We had a great time visiting with family!! 

Here's to a great week!! 

xoxo, Heather 

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