Life Lately

The weekend is so close I can almost taste it! HA! We are so ready for a BREAK! 

Here is what's been going on with us lately! 

Ella had her first guitar recital and she was SO NERVOUS! She had 2 "moments" before her turn! It was heartbreaking! 
But life was all good when your BFF came to watch you!! 
Stephanie "powdered" her nose! 

She did it!! 
Mr. Chris is so patient with her! 
We celebrated this guys birthday! 
I have worked at the Elementary School's Santa Shop all week! All part of being President! 
Some of the items we have sold this week....

Lots of mugs and ornaments! 

We are getting use to 2 dogs! 

We watch Trixie sleep! ;)
We have started wrapping presents! 
Listening to LOTS of Christmas music
Ian was sick with a sinus infection on Monday :( 
I have worked on LOTS of Oh My Glitter orders :)
Perfect for NYE! 
Our Elves have been really BORING this year! 

We are so excited for Christmas Break! Monday our plan is to not even get out of our pajamas! HA

xoxo, Heather 

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