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Happy Tuesday Friends! I hope your week is off to a FANTASTIC start!! 

So I have a really fun post for y'all today (well at least I think it's fun) ;) 

I am sharing some FREE Printables from Personal Creations and my Flower Pots!! 

Personal Creations was nice enough to share some FREE Printables with my readers just in time for MOTHER'S DAY. (It's Sunday just in case you forgot) 

"It's no secret that being a mother is no easy task. Most moms act as the personal chef, chauffeur, maid, therapist, and more for their family. Yet as hard as they work, many mothers are left feeling not good enough. That's simply not right, so Personal Creations created Positive Affirmations for Moms this Mother's Day. The affirmations are illustrated and printable, and they can be assembled into a tear-away booklet for Mom's desk or nightstand. 

Coupled with a bouquet of flowers and her favorite perfume or chocolate, they're a great gift to make Mom feel special this Sunday!" 

Here's the link to our Flickr album, in case you'd like to use some imagery in your post: 

I think creating your mom or maybe sharing this post with the hubs so he can make you the Positive Affirmations easel is a really COOL idea, but I wanted to show you how I used the printables!! 

I printed my favorite "affirmation" on cardstock, cut it out, and added it to a frame.

That is a hard affirmation to accept. I am EXACTLY what my child's just HARD to believe at times!! 
These cute little cards would be super cute to change out on a bulletin board, small chalkboards, and frames!! 

Make sure you check them out and let me know which one is your FAVORITE! Also, use the hashtag #myglitteryheartprintable on Instagram if you print any for Mother's Day so I can check them out!! 

In addition to these super cute printables, flower for her pots would make a great Mother's Day gift. Maybe your mom LOVES flowers or plants, but you don't want them to die in free short weeks! 

Well, flowers for her pots is the PERFECT answer! 

Let me share with you how I planted my pots for the spring/summer season! 

We spend the most time on our back deck, so here is a grouping of some of my favorite plants! 

Asparagus fern

Wandering Jew

Kimberly queen fern- because she can take on LOTS of sun! 

I love just sitting on my back deck rocking with a glass of wine looking at my pots!! HA 

Let's move to my front porch... Welcome!! 

This is the cuteness that will greet you when you walk up my front steps! 

To the right of my door, your will see this pot! 

I love these purple flowers! 

I have my old bakers rack on my front porch between the 2 windows so I added a few plants to it! 

another fern....I think all these ferns just prove that I am a southern lady.  haha 

A small asparagus fern 

I love SWEET potato vines. 
Oh..quick science fair project! Plant a sweet potato in a pot and these vines will grow...YEP! we did that! 

This little table is to the left of my door! 

Y'all when I bought this plant, it was FULL of these amazing yellow flowers and now they are barely there. It is so sad. 

So y'all remember the bird that flew into our house. 
 Well here are the baby birds in the wreath on my front porch. So Sweet! 

Ok y'all so tell me what are you getting your mama for Mother's Day or better yet what do you hope to get for Mother's Day???

I am really hoping to share my garden next Tuesday. Fingers crossed! 

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