Hello Monday {Monthly Goals}

Happy Monday Friends!! We had a great weekend and I will recap later this week! We stayed out on the lake till late last night! So today I thought I would share my monthly goals for July!

But first, let's look at June's goals....

1. Change my mindset about dieting and exercising. {Hopefully, lose 5 lbs}
I have really started watching what I eat. I have made progress. I think this will always be a work in progress for me.

2. Go to the pool at least once a week with friends
I 'm not sure that we made it once a week with friends but we went just about every week! 

lots of swimming in the pool at the beach which was late May/Early June

Brooklyn came with us one time...

and Grammy joined us last Sunday! 

3. Plan a 4th of July party
YES! I will share all about our party this week! 

4. Attend VBS
I volunteered in crafts again this year and Ella participated! But I have no pictures:( 

5. Enjoy time on the boat with friends
We enjoyed time on the boat just not with friends! But that is all fixed now! 

6. Have a playdate
We had a couple! Pool playdates and at home play dates! 

7. Enjoy a deck date night
Oh yes, and it was WONDERFUL! 

8. Read 3 books
Yep! I read 5 total this month and I will share on Wednesday! 

9. Create red, white, and blue goodies for Oh My Glitter


10. Decorate with Red, white, and blue
YES! You can see my decor here

Pretty pleased with you June! HA 

Now let's look at July...


1. Enjoy boat as much as possible.
2. Go to the pool as much as possible.
3. Go to the Lake house with The Boswell's
4. Host a 4th of July party.
5. Lunch with Grandma Deb. (my mom) 
6. Lunch with Daddy.
7. Attend Open House 😒
8. Back to school shop 😤😭
9. Add new items to Etsy Shop.
10. Enjoy our last month of summer break. 

I can't believe we only have a month of summer left. I am so sad. 

But we are determined to enjoy it to the fullest! 

Happy Monday, Happy 4th of July! 

See you guys back here Wednesday for 
What We're Reading Wednesday

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