Summer Reading Club

Hey, Friends! Hope your week is off to a great start. I am so excited for today because it is Summer Reading Club Link Up! I am so thankful that Ella is really starting to enjoy reading!! 

Make sure you grab the graphic and join me, Johannah, and Jenna

Here are the Questions....

Ella's answers...

1. What is Maggie's secret?
that she is a dog walker. (that would be a hard job) 

2. What is the name of the dog that was held at ransom?
Kermit ( like the frog) 

3. Who did Maggie not suspect would be involved with the ransom?
Her secret crush, Milo (BOYS) 

4. What do Maggie and her twin brother, Finn share?
their middle name (Brooklyn)

5. What are the noises in the walls of Maggie's apartment?
Mice...GROSS but then it turned out to be a secret passage. 

6. How old are Maggie and Finn?
12 (Hey, that's Ian age) 

Such a cute book that for this month we decided to continue with this series...

The next book is Vanishing Acts

Here are the uestions...

We hope you will join us!! Our next link up with be August 22nd. 

Remember tomorrow is Recipe Club! 

Join Johannah and me! 

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