Hello Monday | Friends, Family, & Football Edition

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend and will join us for this week's Hello Monday!! As usual, I am recapping our weekend but anything goes.

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Friday started off with me hitting the gym and running errands. I couldn't resist this book at Target. 

I picked up a few extras in carpool line on Friday with Ian. So at 5:02, I poured myself a glass of wine and read a few chapters in said book.  #ihad7kidsinmyhouse #mamaneededwine

The ONLY time you will catch me wearing Navy and Gold is when we go to our local high school's football game. Friday night, the 2 high schools in our county "battled" it out on the football field. We WON! but only by 1 point in overtime. #webleedredandblack #godawgs 

At 6:30, we took this crew to Zaxby's for dinner before the game. 

Walking into the game with some of my favorite girls! 

We found our Bailey! She attends the "other" high school. 😉

Saturday morning, I kissed my entire crew goodbye and off to the golf course they went. 
I enjoyed the silence and did this...

I did do 2 loads of laundry and set up for friends and family that were coming over around 3 for the Georgia Game. 

How awesome is this tray that Stephanie gave me?!?!? 

This romper is like wearing my pjs but cuter. 😉

Love these 2 ladies SO MUCH! 

Ian and Addy. 

Dawson and Baelie 

The wrecking crew! 

Selfie with Stephie. 

It was a great Saturday of chilling, watching football, visiting with friends & family, and yummy food. Plus our DAWGS won AGAIN!! 

Sunday we were completely lazy and looked a lot like this...

I did manage to wash sheets, wash clothes, empty the dishwasher and reload, plan out the week, meal prep, pack lunches/snacks, and cook a yummy dinner!! 

How was your weekend?? 

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