Our Weekend | Birthday, Bulldogs, & Bonfire.

Happy Tuesday Friends! I finally got our internet working. I think we have too many devices connected to it and it slows it down. UGH!

But all is good for now and I am recapping our weekend.

Friday, I weighed in at WW. I am down another -0.6 lbs so a total of 13.8 lbs so far!! YIPEE! I would LOVE to be down 20 lbs before we leave for our cruise!

Friday evening, Ella had 5 friends come over to celebrate her birthday.  The girls arrived around 6PM. We sang Happy Birthday and opened presents. 

Of Course, this girl wanted in on all the action. 

About 6:45 PM, we headed to a Corn Maze. She really wanted to do the Haunted Forest but it was an hour wait. So instead we did the corn maze and lost the girls in about 2.2 seconds. 
Ella called me in a panic but we found them and did the corn maze again! 

Just getting lost in a corn maze with Bailey! 

Oh, Ben! look at Kim photobombing them! That is too funny! 

We went on a hayride minus the hay! 😉 But not before Ben and Bailey enjoyed their caramel apples! 

Bailey just LOVES Bubs! 

After the hayride, the girls jumped on the jumpy pillow and played in the corn pit! 

Such sweet girls that just love my girl!

Saturday morning, my guys went to the golf course while Ella and I chilled at home for a little while! Then I went to the grocery store and made Taco Soup to enjoy during the game. It must me FALL.

This was Trixie thinking "What the heck DAWGS?" It was a bad game. But we still love our Bulldogs! 

Did you catch my post on Friday? I'm wearing the XOXO here. 

Saturday evening, we went to one of Ben's co-workers for a bonfire and a band. They live on 60 acres and have a small farm. Their pig just had 9 piglets! How precious are they?? They were moving fast so the picture is blurry. 

We went on our second hayride of the weekend. But this time we had hay 😉 Another blurry picture. oops. 

Sunday morning, my guys went back to the course while Ella and I again chilled at home. I started laundry and read a book. That afternoon, we went to the club for lunch. When the boys finished golf, we went to Ben's aunt's house to visit with his cousin that left for Vegas yesterday to work for Cirque du Soleil. How cool is that?!?!? 
Sunday evening, Ella and I went to The Smith's for dinner and to visit!! 

Monday morning came quick! We had a fun and relaxing Fall Break! 

1. Have lunch with Ben
3. Play golf Ian played Monday with his Uncle before all the rain moved in. 
5. Go to a Corn Maze
6. Have lunch with Grandma Deb
7. Visit a farm
8. Bake a special treat
9. Have a PJ/movie/read day We just did do them all together at once. 😬
10. Make a craft

We accomplished 6 out of the 10 on our bucket list!! Not to bad! 

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