Our Weekend with all the Birthday Celebrations

Happy Thursday Friends, Happy Friday Eve!!! We have had a low key Fall Break so far and it has been exactly what we needed!

I didn't get a recap of our weekend up on Monday because we hosted 2 birthday celebrations at our house this past weekend so when Sunday evening rolled around I was EXHAUSTED!!

Let me recap this past weekend now...

Friday the kids were out of school for their first official day of Fall Break. We spent the day cleaning house and setting up for the birthday celebrations but not before...

Coffee & Jesus

I am loving Annie F. Downs new book Remember God

Saturday morning, we did the last few touches for the party. Around 3PM, my family started arriving for the 1st party. 

We served BBQ, pasta salad, oven fries, & baked beans. 

I wanted a grandkid picture with Grandma Deb. I started to "corral" the grandkids and this is what I found...they were playing each other on Fortnite sitting NEXT to each other. 🙄

Finally, I got my picture! 

Had to grab a "girl" picture. 

Remember yesterday when I mentioned Ella was a BABY HOG! Point Proven...↓ 

But let's all take a moment to stare at those baby blues...

We sang "Happy Birthday" and enjoyed cookie cake! 

Everyone was gone around 8:30; I quickly cleaned up and watched part of the Georgia game on the back deck with Ben. We finished watching the game in the comfort of our bed. #weareold #itwasalategame 

Sunday morning, my guys went to the golf course while Ella and I prepared for her second birthday celebration. 

She wanted to use the "fancy" plates for dinner! At first, I wasn't going to let her then I heard Ben's grandmother's voice in my head (she hand-painted my china) say to use the china for special people, not special occasions. I am so glad that we did use the china because I every time I use my china I just feel her presence with us. 

But first, we went to visit my grandparents at the nursing home. Ella was born on my grandmother's 74th birthday. 

We enjoyed cupcakes on the patio to celebrate Maw-Maw's 85th Birthday. 

It was so windy that we had to light her candle like this...

I said "MawMaw don't eat your cupcake yet, let me get a picture" This is what she did! She said "Heather, I was just kidding" She reminds me often not to take life so seriously! 

Love my sister! 

We got home just in time for the next celebration! 

Ben's parent's, brother, and Kim showed up right around 4PM! 

Thank you Grammy & Granddaddy for the CASH! 

Happy Birthday, Ella!!!!!!! 

She only likes the cake so I wasn't allowed to "icing" all of the cake. 😂😂😂😂

We had a FUN but BUSY weekend! We got to spend time with family and enjoyed every minute of it!! 

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