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Hello Monday! How was your weekend! We had a great weekend! As usual, I am going to recap our weekend. I hope you will grab our graphic and join us!!

Friday after I dropped off the kids, I went to VOTE!! 

After I voted, I went to visit my mom. I did a little housekeeping like run the vacuum cleaner, laundry, etc. Around 11:45, my sister got to her house. We were all able to visit for a little while until I had to go get the kids from school. Tonya was able to take her to her treatment. If you are the praying person, please please please keep my sweet mama in your prayers. She is really starting to feel the effects of the radiation treatments. 

After I picked up both kiddos from school. We did a little housekeeping around our house... dust, vacuum, and mop. 

Then the rest of the night looked like this...

Ella went to a Halloween party with one of her friends at her church. Y'all she got home at 9:15 and I was struggling to keep my eyes open. I need to beef up when their curfews are later. HA 

Saturday morning, we were up early for a fun-filled day. We left our house right before 7AM. Stopped at Chick-fil-a for breakfast. Then headed to Jaemour Farms about an hour away for pumpkins and cider. 

When we were finished buying our goodies, we loaded back into the car for the 1.5 hour trip to my dad's house for lunch and to visit! 

My dad's 2 sisters and 1 of his brothers along with my grandmother and 1 cousin and his family were able to come to visit from Blairsville, GA. 
We also got to visit with all of my sister's crew and my 2 half-brothers along with their families! It was so good to see everyone!! 

I snapped a 5 generation picture with my nephew Eric, his son, Hunter, my sister, my dad, and my grandmother. 

My dad aka Pop and my grandmother. 

We love our Adalie Kate. I can't believe she is 5 already. She is going to be a big sister soon. 

We made it home just in time for Georgia's 3:30 kick off! 

We watched to game outside. I enjoyed a glass of wine and reading our cruise information. We leave November 4th. 

I got too cold outside so I moved inside with a bowl of chili. 

I built another fire and meal planned for the week. 

Then I watched Breaking Dawn part 2 with Trixie. We were all in bed by 9PM! EEK

We party hard over here! 😉

Sunday morning, my guys headed to the golf course! Ella and I enjoyed a slow morning before I ended up going to the grocery store for the week. I also did a few loads of laundry and mopped the floor (again) because of the muddy paw prints!! 

Sunday afternoon, we carved PUMPKINS!!  

My kids picked the WORSE picture taking time to carve pumpkins BUT we had so much fun so just ignore all the shadows!! 

Ian's pumpkin was so big he could stick his head in the top. 

He decided to draw on his own face and carve away. 

Cleaning out the pumpkin "guts" is the best part! 

With a  little help from her daddy, she drew her own ghost face and started carving. 

The finished product...

Ian's pumpkin on the left; Ella's pumpkin on the right! 

Just chilling on the porch until Thursday morning when I throw them away!! 🤣🤣🤣

How was your weekend?? Did you do anything fun?? 

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