Monthly Goals | October 2018

Oh, October how I love thee. Y'all know how I love to share my monthly goals so this month is no different.

But first...let's look at September's accomplishments. 



1. Rejoin Weight Watchers YES!! I am so happy I rejoined. 
2. Have lunch with a friend YES! Girlfriends are good for the soul 
3. Decorate for Fall YES! I will share a home tour next week. 
4. Fall flowerpots on front porch/back deck! YES! I will share next week. 
5. Start organizing pictures on the computer NOPE! I really need to do this 


1. Host a football party YES!! Go Dawgs! 
2. Enjoy a weekend away YES! We went to Sky Valley
3. Celebrate 15 years of marriage YES! We even went on an overnight date!
4. Plan fall break YES! We are having a Staycation. 


1. Fall decorations- NOPE! It's coming next week. 
2. Recap our wedding- NOPE! I'm working on getting the film to CD's
3. 15 year anniversary YES! You can read it here. 
4. Fall favorites- NOPE! and I'm not sure why I didn't write this post :( 


1. Work on Christmas items- YES! I can't wait to share these with y'all 
2. Finish marketing class- YES and NO- I didn't learn a lot from the class so I didn't finish the last 2 lessons. 
3. Update 10 listings YES! I am almost finished with all the listings. 
4. Email marketing  YES! I did some research and I hope to put this into action in October. 

Now let's look at October...


1. Hit a weight loss goal
2. Reorganize my Master To-Do List
3. Prepare for our Cruise in November
4. Get a Game Plan for the Holidays
5. Make my Christmas Shopping List


1. Enjoy our "staycation" over Fall Break
2. Celebrate Ella's 11th Birthday
3. Trick or Treat
4. Have Family Picture Taken
5. Try a New Recipe


1. Fall Home Tour
2. Fall Recipe 
3. Plan post for the remainder of the year 
4. What I'm Wearing post
5. Figure out an easier way to reply to comments. 

(I have Google + commenting but I can't reply to them from my email. It takes a lot of time to go back to the post and reply) How can I make it easier??? Any Tips??


1. Add new Christmas items to the shop
2. Finish updating last few listings
3. Plan social media content
4. Hit 915 sales
5. Host a sale

EEK! That's a lot for the month of October but I feel if I can get a good bit of this accomplished then I am setting myself up for a great Holiday Season. 

What do you hope to accomplish this month??  

Here are a few pictures from September's Successes! 

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