15 Years of Marriage...

On this day 15 years ago, I became a wife. It was one of the BEST days of my life. To celebrate 15 years, I am going to share 15 memorable happy moments of our marriage.

O N E: Getting Engaged. 

December 7th, 2002, Ben took me to Callaway Gardens to pop the big question. We stayed in the cutest cabin, enjoyed a steak dinner in the hotel, and finished the evening enjoying a jolly trolley ride to see the Christmas lights. But I don't think I saw even one Christmas light from staring at my ring the whole night. 

T W O: Buying our Home. 

August 15th, 2003, we closed on our FIRST and ONLY house. That was a BIG day for us. We would drive out to the house on the weekends to watch the progress. I can't find those pictures anywhere. I know I took them. 

T H R E E: Getting a Puppy.

August 18th, 2003, we got our FIRST puppy. Ben knew he wanted a pug and he knew he wanted to name him Tazy. Look how small and sweet. He was our first baby. We lost Tazy March 24, 2014

F O U R: Our Wedding Day. 

September 20th, 2003, We said I DO and the rest is history. I still can't believe it's been 15 years. 

F I V E: Our Honeymoon.

We went to the beautiful island of Aruba. It was the first time we left the country together. We went Snuba diving. Please note, Ben is not wearing his ring in this picture because it was so big he was scared he would lose it in the ocean. He did lose it 14.5 years later on the golf course! 

S I X:  Ian Michael. 

We found out we were pregnant with Ian just 6.5 months after saying I DO. We welcomed Ian Michael into this world on December 5th, 2004. 

S E V E N: Ben earning his first President's Trip.

I will never forget the moment Ben told me that he had hit his number and we were going on President's Trip. We enjoyed a 7-day cruise in November of 2005. Ian was only 11 months old and I was a BASKETCASE leaving him with my sister but I had to remember how hard Ben had worked to earn this trip for us to enjoy. 

We have now enjoyed 11 President's Trips!! So proud of Ben for working so hard to earn us these trips. 

E I G H T: Ella Marie. 

Just so happens that the next President's Trip my mission was to get pregnant. We found out we were pregnant with Ella in February of 2007 and welcomed our pink bundle of joy into this world on October 10th, 2007 which is also my grandmother's birthday. 

N I N E:  Paris

I mean who would ever forget a trip to Paris. I really do need to make it a point to recap that trip on the blog because that is a trip that I never want to forget. 

We took off across the pond May 1st-9th, 2013

T E N: Date Nights

We make a point to go on SEVERAL date nights a year. We go to dinner, concerts, wine tastings, and even our back deck. 

E L E V E N: Spontaneous Trip to Nashville 3 days before Christmas 

Do you remember when Nashville flooded back in 2010? Well, Garth Brooks is Ben's ALL TIME FAVORITE performer. Ben called me 3 DAYS before Christmas and said "Hey, do you think your sister can watch the kids overnight so we can go to Nashville? I found tickets for Garth Brooks for his last benefit concert for the Tennesse flooding? I said "Let me call her and ask" We left for Nashville later that afternoon and attended one of THE VERY BEST CONCERTS OF ALL TIMES!! I can't find a picture from this trip to save my life. I am so mad. 

We love to travel. We try to take a trip just the 2 of us every year. We also love to travel with friends. Places we have been: Vegas, Nashville (lots of times), Atlanta, Chateau Elan, Lake Lanier, Lake Sinclair. I know I am forgetting some. 

Here we are just this summer on our trip to Chattanooga/Nashville. One of my most FAVORITE trips ever with just Ben.

T W E L V E: Sweet Text/Notes

Ben and I have always made a point to tell each other often that we love each other. We tell each other if one of us looks really nice. We tell each other Thank you. We send sweet text throughout the day. When I get a sweet text from him during the day, it really does make my day. 

T H I R T E E N: Finding our Church Home. 

We visited our church in May of 2004 and joined shortly after. We still attend the same church today! 

Christmas Eve 2016

F O U R T E E N: Our Family Trips with just the 4 of us. 

We love going on vacation with our family. However, some of our FAVORITE and most memorable vacations are just the 4 of us. Ben and I created our family together and we cherish the time we have with each other. Just a few years ago we made a point to just take trips with the 4 of us. Trips the 4 of us have taken together are: Disney, Universal, New Smyrna Beach, & Dollywood

Disney 2014 

F I F T E E N: 15 years.

WOW! 15 years of Marriage. I can honestly say I love Ben more today then I did 15 years ago. We have learned so much about each other, we have grown together, we have created beautiful children together, and we support each other. I am so blessed to be his wife and the mother of his children. 

To celebrate, we are heading to Buckhead Saturday morning for an overnight date. 

I love you Ben with my whole heart. We have shared a lot of wonderful memories together along with several sad ones, and a lot of fights along the way but we always are there for one another and never too proud to say I'm sorry. Cheers to a lifetime, Ben! 

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