Prime Purchases | March 2019

Hey Hey! It's time to share last months Prime Purchases and I am so excited! I bought lots of fun goodies to get me ready for SPRING!!

So join my friend, Tanya, and share what you have purchased lately!

I bit the bullet and purchased these sandals. 

and just look at them on my feet! Love them so much!

I wore this all day this past Saturday shopping with Ella and they were so COMFORTABLE!

I reordered my FAVORITE Collagen Peptides. Last time I had a facial the lady asked if I was getting botox and I said "No" She said really because you have GREAT skin! I said " It's my collagen peptides that I put in my coffee EVERY morning" She said "well keep doing it because it's working for you"

Remember my sweet Gnome from the coffee cart? 

These lights are AWESOME under my cabinets and they have a REMOTE!! They look great at night. When I'm cooking dinner I will set their timer for 120 minutes so I can enjoy them while it is getting darker. 

And I'm sure that y'all were just on the edge of your seats 😉wondering what Ian and Ella spent their Amazon gift cards on from Valentine's Day!

Ian ordered this strip of lights. He put it on the back of his TV. It changes different colors. As you can see in the picture it is red. UPDATE: He has now moved them to a shelf that holds his shoes!

Ella ordered a million scrunchies!  Her teacher told her she was stuck in the 80's! 😉

Luckily they came in this cute pouch! 

I ordered this white tee. 

I wore it Saturday with my jean jacket! 

I also ordered these artificial string of pearls plant to make a centerpiece for my dining room table that I haven't gotten to yet.

I also reordered my FAVORITE candle. 

What have you ordered lately??

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