Friday Favorites | Yoga Edition

 Happy Friday Friends!! The kids are home today and we are excited. It's also the 8th Grade Dance tonight for Ian! EEK!

As usual, I am sharing a few of our FAVORITES from this week.

I think my FAVORITE class at the gym has been YOGA! The yoga instructor is also a friend and we attend the same church. She is precious. This week we had yoga on Monday! Great way to start the week. My FAVORITE work out/yoga pants. 

Monday, I shared some of my FAVORITE essential oils! 

Tuesday I took one of my FAVORITE trainers Flex class but we ended the class with 4 sets of 20 second planks. Holy Moly that was not a favorite when my arms were already dead from bench squats.

Tuesday afternoon I worked on a blog post recreating an outfit with my new FAVORITE Booties 

Tuesday afternoon, I dropped Ella and her friend, Madelyn, off at dance camp and drove through downtown to see a little bit of the filming action. 
Oh, I was wrong. They are not filming Ozark yet. They are filming that in a nearby state park soon. They were filming The Outsiders directed by Jason Bateman. It was really cool. 

After dance camp, I took 2 of my FAVORITE 5th graders to serve at our church stuffing Easter eggs. 

Wednesday on the blog, I shared my new FAVORITE chicken salad recipe! 

Wednesday afternoon, this guy played in his FIRST high school golf match. He ended up with the lowest score for the whole golf team. They played 9 holes. Ian shot a 43, Par was 36.

Ben went to watch him while I sat on the couch doing this....

I hyperextended my knee a while back and since going back to the gym on a regular basis I flared it up again. Tuesday afternoon it really started hurting and by Wednesday it was swollen and I could barely walk. Thursday was a little bit better. So I guess I will be making a doctor's appointment soon.
This was definitely not a FAVORITE.

Another non-FAVORITE from this week was another gain. It was only 0.8 but still it is very discouraging. But I will NOT give up. I have to remember how far I have come.

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