DIY Wellness with Simply Earth

*this post is sponsored by Simply Earth but all opinions are my own. 

Hey Friends! You all know that I have been shouting from the roof tops how much I am LOVING Simply Earth Essential Oils and this month is no different.

Let me share with you a few wellness creations that I made from the March box.

The March Box included...

6 recipe cards
Amyris Essential Oil
Blood Orange Essential Oil
Coriander Essential Oil
Digest Aid Essential Oil
Dried Lavender Buds
Empty Inhaler
Aluminum Fine Mist Spray
Magnesium Chloride Flakes

It also includes the BIG BONUS BOX!

Let's get started...

I started with the Digest Roll On because this mama can sometimes have a CRAZY tummy.

If I have felt bloated or "super full" at night I have rolled this on my wrist and inhaled. I even rolled it across my stomach one night and it really seemed to help that bloating feeling. We all know that is one of the worse feelings in the world.

Next I made the Anxiety Away Inhaler. I find that I get really "anxious" around 1pm everyday because I realize that in an hour I have to start my carpool duties and once I get both kids home it's really hard to get everything accomplished that I wanted to get accomplished for that day. I have said before that I love checking everything off my to do list each day. 

I have pulled out my inhaler and I kid you not it really seems to help. 

This Mood Lifting Blend smells AMAZING! Which in turns makes you feel happy. (instant mood lifter)

super easy to mix the oils. 

Now let's move onto the Magnesium Sleep Spray...

super easy to make even with the boiling of water to melt the magnesium flakes.

Ella has sprayed our sheets and pillows now for a week and we have both slept amazing.

I made the Sickness Support Bath Soak which is also good for sore muscles. 

Let's just say that after 2 Flex classes at the gym I was SORE. I soaked in this amazing stuff on Wednesday night (rest day from the gym) and I am currently not sore after taking another Flex class Thursday afternoon and Yoga on Friday! BAM! 

I will say MAKE SURE you rinse the lavender buds out of your tub because if you mindlessly walk into your bathroom at 2AM to use the restroom and happen to look in said tub that you left lavender buds in you just might think they are bugs for a moment. #learnedthehardway #justsayin #psa 

Last but not least is the Magnesium Whipped Body Butter. It's no secret how much I loved this BODY BUTTER.  so I knew this body butter had to be AMAZING for me to love it. Guess What?? It didn't disappoint.

Remember I said I had been to 3 Flex classes this week at the gym. This stuff is perfect for aching muscles. It even says so on the recipe card.

So I gotta know, are you an oily?? I'm proud to be an oily and LOVE making my home more natural.
What is your favorite oil combo??

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