Friday Favorites | Our Life revolves around Golf Edition

Happy Friday Friends!! We have a FUN weekend planned. But as usual I am sharing our FAVORITES from this week.

Monday I shared a recipe so I didn't recap our weekend like normal so I am going to now. 

Last Friday, I cracked open a bottle of wine from one of our FAVORITE wineries.  Ben and I sat on the back deck and talked for a few hours. It was awesome. 

Saturday morning, we watched our FAVORITE golfer.

The tournament was at a nearby course and the turtles were all out sunning. All the little black dots in the water are turtles. 

Ian finished third in this tournament. 

Saturday evening we hung out on the back deck with some of our FAVORITE people. 

The start of our week was pretty normal. Then Wednesday afternoon we watched our FAVORITE golfer play in his second High School match. 

I wore my new FAVORITE tee. Thanks to Kellyann's recommendation  I bought a medium but I'm thinking I wish I would have tried a small. It is very lose. 

Yesterday morning this happened and it was NOT a FAVORITE. I broke one of the dog's Rae Dunn bowls. I was about in tears. I mean what a way to start a day. NOT. 

Then I weighted in and had another GAIN. Of course, that was NOT a FAVORITE but it's all part of my journey.

So overall I gained 3 pounds this month. Bummer.

BUT I have been to the gym 4 times this week sporting my FAVORITE workout pants. 

What was a FAVORITE from your week?

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