Our Weekend with Golf, Wine, and Menchies

Hey Friends! Happy Tuesday.

I hope your week is off to a great start! I'm recapping our weekend today! I normally recap our weekend on Monday but Sunday afternoon the weather was great so Ben and I enjoyed sitting on the back deck talking. He smoked a cigar and I enjoyed a glass of wine so yesterday I shared DIY Wellness with Simply Earth Oils. Make sure you check it out. The sleep spray is AWESOME.

Friday I went to yoga, did some housework, and picked up the kiddos.

Friday afternoon, Ella wasn't feeling great so she parked herself in my lap.

Then she wanted to send out an Instagram poll to see if people thought we looked alike so she took this selfie. A majority of people thought we looked alike but I don't think we look so much alike in this picture. I think it's the way she is laying.

By 7:30, Ben went upstairs to watch a few episodes of Vikings (I do not watch that show). Ella wanted to chill in her room since she wasn't feeling great. Ian holed up in his room to play video games. So I decided to watch A Star is Born. Y'all it was so GOOD! I can't believe it took me so long to watch it.

Saturday afternoon, We watched Ian play in another golf tournament at The Georgia Club.

Ian's biggest fan club.

He finished second. 

Ella and I left after 9 holes because we were picking up wings for some friends to come over and watch the Duke/North Carolina game. 

At one point, we got into a discussion about which is better... the reese's peanut butter cup or egg. The egg WON! Which do you like better??  

Sunday we went to church and brunch. After brunch, the boys went to play golf while the girls went to visit my MawMaw. She was so sad this past weekend because it has been 1 month since my PawPaw passed away. 

On our way home, Ella and I needed to run into Publix but not before we got Menchie's. 

Sunday evening, Ben and I started watching Ozark on Netflix. Have you ever watched it? We wanted to watch it because they are currently filming some episodes of the show in our hometown so we thought it would be cool to be caught up when those episodes air. 

If you follow me on IG, then you may have seen this image yesterday. I am going to start posting my daily points in stories for the accountability. If you don't want to see it just scroll right past it or I would love any encouragement. My weightloss journey is a daily struggle.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun? 

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