Hello Monday | 8th Grade Formal Edition

Happy Monday Friends! How was your weekend? We had a great one and I can't wait to share it with y'all because my baby boy went to his 8th grade formal. I mean where has the time gone? Mamas with babies...really don't blink. It's true time really does fly.

I can't wait to show y'all how handsome my boy was all dressed up!

Grab our graphic and join us!

Friday I mentioned that the kids were out of school and it was a BUSY day for sure! I went to the gym at 6AM! Got home showered, ate breakfast, emptied the dishwasher, picked up groceries, dropped off 30 cups that I made last week, and picked up Payton's corsage all before 9:30AM. I was feeling pretty productive. 

Let me just tell y'all Wal-Mart grocery pick up is AMAZING. I have done this before but the closet WAl-Mart to us that offered this service was almost 30 minutes away and I just felt like I spent to much travel time so when the Wal-Mart only 10 minutes from us offered this service I am know hooked. 

Around 10AM, I headed to the middle school to help decorate for the dance that evening. I came home around 2:00 to eat a quick lunch and ice my knee again. I sent this picture to Ben because he had taken Ella to the nail salon and Ian to get a pair of suspenders.

Around 4:15 we headed to a park to take pictures before the 8th grade formal. Just a fair warning, it is picture HEAVY! 

Little sis wanted a picture with her big bro. 

Love this sweet boy of mine. 

Ian's friend and date Payton arrived. Her dress was BEAUTIFUL and let's all take a moment to realize that it had POCKETS! Girl after my own heart. 😉

Just beautiful kiddos inside and out! 

The girls came with a mental list of poses. The boys were good sports about it. 😉

After pictures thy all piled into my car for me to drop them off at the dance since I was serving drinks. (long time readers know that this was my 3rd 8th grade formal; part of my PTO duties is working the 8th grade dance) Of course we had to take a selfie!

There they go...

I snuck this picture of the boys chatting away while the girls danced the night away!

The PTO Board. I think we make a pretty darn good team. 

After the dance, I brought the same group of kids back to our house for pizza and a dessert bar. The girls left around 11:45 and the boys spent the night. 

Needless to say this is what Saturday looked like for me... 

Ben and Ian went to work with Ian's golf instructor and then played a round of golf. They got home around 6:45.

Sunday morning, we skipped church but we did run to the grocery and grilled out with Ben's parents. I meal prepped, made lunches and snacks. It was a great day. We didn't officially celebrate St. Patrick's Day but I did throw on my green utility vest.

I made these 2 ingredient bagels and drank wine from a can. Does that make me a redneck?? I felt kinda of rednecky but it was really good.

How was your weekend??

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