Spring Break at the lake & a concert

Hey there Thursday, I know I normally don't post today but we had such a FUN spring break that I had to add a day to the blog calendar. 😉

To see the first part of our Spring Break fun, click here. 

Easter Sunday evening we headed to the lake with our dear friends. Monday morning we woke up ready for FUN!!!

Leigh Anne bought this really cool mat for us to float on and clearly the boys had no fun with it. This is what they did to entertain themselves while we waited on our "captain" to take us on a boat ride.

Then we were off on a boat ride. The weather was awesome. The sun was shining bright and it was HOT!

Selfie with my LeLe 

Then Brett wanted in on our selfie. He really does love us mamas. 😉

Y'all all know Stephanie. Well her in laws have a house on the same lake so we went to see them for a little bit. Ella loved having her besties to hang out with.

Me and my Stephie!

All the ladies just lakin' it.

We hung out with there for a little while and then headed back to the house. Ella stayed to play with the girls. Once we got back to the lake house, our boys took the fishing boat out and released this catfish that tied up at another dock but of course they had to get a picture first. Brett unhooked it and released it since he's the fisherman while our golfer snapped the pictures.

While the other girls were soaking up the rays...

and Ella was having no fun at all....

Just kidding. She had the BEST time. These crazy kids wanted to tube on our way back to get Ella. Y'all the water was FREEZING. and they did not care.

Once we got Ella and were boatin' away, Stephanie snapped this picture of our boat! 

Later the kids got out the cornhole boards.

After a yummy dinner bacon cheddar burgers, the girls took out the paddle board and canoes. 

Then it was time for our sunset cruise.

With a new captain... 😉

Tuesday morning, I enjoyed my coffee with this view. #takemeback

Meanwhile, these two were fishing.

I just love these two girls.

Meanwhile on the other side of the float, Ella went tumbling off the float and her bubs pulled her in. 

Crazy boys, watch out for Ella.

Life is so rough at the lake...

Then we were back out tubing...

We love our LuLu girl. She is the sweetest lab. 

Ella put Trixie on the paddle board  and she loved. At one point, I looked at them and Trixie was laying down just relaxing. 

Me and LeLe with our oldest babies. 

We ended our Tuesday, we s'mores. 

Look at my cute photo bomber with her bag of skittles. 

Wednesday started off a little slower than the other two mornings, but this kid got to fish again.

While these three hung out by the water.

Ian took up shade in the float all rolled up! 

and Ella got Trixie to swim. 

We ended the night watching yet another sunset and watching Benchwarmers on the big screen.

Complete with glow necklaces.

Thursday morning, we headed home. We quickly unpacked, got everything put away, and started laundry before heading to New York Prime for an AMAZING steak dinner.

We then saw Kip Moore in concert at the Buckhead Theatre.

He put on one hell of a show. Friday we spent the day playing catch up and getting ready to host my niece's bridal luncheon. I'll share all those details tomorrow.

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