Our Short & Sweet Trip to the Beach + a little bit more

Happy Tuesday Friends! Hope everyone's week is off to a great start! Today I am recapping this week and weekend! Whew! Grab a cup of coffee or wine (depending on the time of day you are reading this 😉)

Monday, July 8th, we left for PCB to visit my sister and brother in law who are campground hosting at St. Andrew's State park for the summer.

We started off with bike rides.

Then a trip to the beach.

That evening we rode our bikes to dinner and then down to the pier.

and we saw a gator in Alligator lake.

Tuesday, July 16th- We started off with bike rides again and saw a few deer.

Then looked who drove us to the BEACH...

Ian and Ella loved snorkeling with Uncle Stacey.

Later that evening, we grilled pork chops for dinner and worked on a puzzle afterwards.

But ended the night with another bike ride to the beach.

Stacey thinks he is so FUNNY! HA 

Such an amazing sunset!

Wednesday, July 10th, we drove home from the beach after a lunch at Schooner's.

Thursday, July 11th- I spent the day doing laundry, meal planning, grocery shopping, meal planning, cleaning house and more laundry. We ended the night putting golf balls and putting puzzles together.

Friday, July 12th- I was the laziest person on EARTH! It was noon before I left the couch and changed out of my pj's and it felt AMAZING!

Saturday, July 13th- We started the day by celebrating the beautiful life of Talia's sweet grandmother that she lost earlier in the week.

Was it too much to get her to take a picture?!?!?! HA

That morning Chris (Ben's brother) and Kim got remarried. We are SO happy for them.

Then that evening we celebrated with an 80's theme fiesta!

We had the best time celebrating their marriage. 

Sunday, July 14th- my gang went to the golf course and I met them at the pool. It was a great week and weekend!! 

What have you been up to lately? 

Oh and remember Pin it & Spin it is TOMORROW! 

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