Monthly Goals | July 2019

Happy July 1st! WOW I can't believe it is already July! CRAZY how fast time is going by! Link up below for HELLO MONDAY

Well it's a new month which means new goals!



1. Squat 70lb KB 20 times to pass the test at the gym
2. Nashville trip with Ben 
3. Complete 3-5 items off "Home Improvement" List
4. Delete/Organize photos on phone


1. Celebrate 4th of July
2. Visit my sister at the beach
3. Back to School shopping
4. Clean out and organize the kids rooms
5. Work on Summer Bucket List

My Glittery Heart:

1. Clean up Pinterest Boards
2. Plan content for August & September
3. Take a Blog Break

Oh My Glitter:

1. Put Shop on Vacation Mode
2. Decide on 3 Festivals to attend this Fall
3. Make list of items to make for Festivals

Now let's see how I did in JUNE! 

Obviously a ✔ means I completed the item and an ✘ means I didn't complete the item but I am adding a new key. IP means In Progress.

✔1. Enjoy CMA FEST. YES! and you can read the recaps here and here 
✔2. Continue going to the gym. YES! So proud of myself on this one. 
✔3. Make conscious food choices. YES and NO. I had a few rough days but I have started rereading Made to Crave which really helps me. 
✔4. Start working on house projects. YES. I have only gotten paint quotes but it's a start. 


✔1. Celebrate Father's Day. YES! Read about it here. 
✔2. Enjoy the boat. YES! We went out Father's Day weekend. 
✔3. Enjoy the pool. YES! We went as often as possible and I even got an afternoon alone at the pool! 
✘4. Make wood dice. NOPE! I asked Ian if he wanted to help me and no one thought they were a good idea! :( 
✘5. Have a family movie night. NOPE! It just never happened. 

My Glittery Heart:

✔1. Share herb garden. YES! See it here. 
✔2. Share Father's Day gift ideas. YES! Check them out here because they are great for Birthdays, Christmas, 
✔3. Share CMA FEST recap. YES! Read the recaps here and here. 
✔4. Share Red, White, & Blue ideas. YES! See it here. 
✔5. Continuing sharing post to Pinterest. YES! You can find me on Pinterest here. 
IP6. Send FIRST weekly email. IP-this one still scares me but I'm determined to make it happen. 
✔7. Pitch to 1-2 companies. YES! 
✔8. Take 3-5 photos for the 'gram. YES! 

Oh My Glittery:

✔1. Make Wood Sign. YES! I made one and didn't love it so I am working on other ideas. 
✔2. Promote Red, White, & Blue items.  YES! I shared on IG and Pinterest. 
✔3. Host a SALE. YES! It ended yesterday! 
IP4. Send my FIRST weekly email.  IP-this one still scares me but I'm determined to make it happen 
✔5. Share items on Pinterest. YES! 
✔6. Look up 3 Fall Festivals. YES! Now I have to decide which ones and plan. 
✘7. Take 3-5 photos for the 'gram.  NO! I finally posted on this account but didn't take any new pictures yet! 

I would say I did pretty well. I don't plan to accomplish a lot lot in July. Just lots of planning for the Fall. 

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