CMA FEST | Part 2

Hey Friends! Happy Thursday! I hope everyone has had a GREAT week.

If you missed it, I shared part one of our CMA FEST trip on Tuesday! Make sure you check it out.

So let's start with...

DAY 3-Saturday, June 8th, 2019 

We up and ready to go by 10:30am. But not before we took a few pictures in case it rained! HA

I shared all the details about this outfit yesterday on Pin it & Spin it! 

We walked through Fan Fair X before heading to Riverfront to listen to Ashley McBryde. If you do not have most of her songs downloaded then you have no idea what you are missing. Leigh Anne and I were almost in tears listening to her sing Girl Going Nowhere. 

We stayed and listen to LOCASH. My new FAVORITE song by them is it's a God Thing. Go listen to it! CHILLS!

Later that afternoon, we headed back to the hotel to regroup again and get ready for Nissan stadium but not before we stopped back by Fan Fair X and I bought these boots....

Y'all they are LEOPARD and PERFECTION! I am in love with them! I sent Ben a picture and said "Do you like these?" He said "They look just like YOU"! HA

Before we headed into Nissan Stadium, we stopped at Whiskey Row for a drink.

Nissan Stadium Line up for Saturday, June 8th...

Billy Ray Cyrus
Brett Young
Miranda Lambert & Pistol Annies
Luke Combs
Dierks Bentley
Tim McGraw

Just chillin' with my new boots. πŸ˜‰

Travis Denning singing David Ashley Parker from Powder Springs. 

Oh look it's Will from NASHVILLE...

It said Billy Ray Cyrus and "special guest" Well DUH, we knew who the special guest was gonna be Lil' Nas. But then he stopped performing and the next artist came on and we were like ??? Then in between artist guess who came back out... Billy Ray and Lil Nas. Leigh Anne and I came to the conclusion that Lil Nas was late and they needed them to perform for the TV airing on August 4th. Either way it was GREAT!

Brett Young was AMAZING!

Luke Combs was my FAVORITE. Hello Ben swears Beautiful Crazy was written for me.

We were getting tipsy in a that the same thing as getting drunk on a plane?? Asking for a friend! HA just kidding. 

Oh Tim... I'm sorry to say it ladies but I think he needs to hang up the cowboy hat. Bless him.

At this point, I checked my Apple Watch and we had walked 10.18 miles just on SATURDAY! I mean CMA FEST is a fantastic workout in case anyone was wondering. 😜

DAY 4: Sunday, June 9th

At this point in the trip, we were tired and really missing our people but we carried on for one last day...

This tank is a new FAVORITE!

On Riverfront we listened to...

Craig Campbell

Tyler Farr

Rae Lynn 

and hottie McHottie RILEY GREEN!

Somehow we ended back up at LUKE'S... Where the bartenders knew that I prefer wine in a REAL glass. Does that make we a snob?  Yes, it does and I'm ok with that!

Later we were off to Nissan Stadium for our LAST night...

DAY 4, Sunday June 9th, 2019 Nissan Line up...

Chris Janson
Old Dominion
Maren Morris
Keith Urban
Like Bryan

and sadly I have no pictures to share with you because I was exhausted, tipsy, sunburned, and ready to go home.

I hope I put the performers in the correct order if not I know Leigh Anne will correct me! πŸ˜‰and have no fear we have already booked our trip for 2020! The countdown is on. 349 DAYS! But who is counting???

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