Monthly Goals | June 2019

New Month, New Goals!!

We just got back from a weekend away in the mountains. I plan to recap it later this week! But it's a NEW month so I have NEW goals. 



1. Enjoy CMA FEST. 
2. Continue going to the gym.
3. Make conscious food choices. (Summer is HARD for me in the eating department) 
4. Start working on house projects.


1. Celebrate Father's Day.
2. Enjoy the boat.
3. Enjoy the pool.
4. Make wood dice. 
5. Have a family movie night.

My Glittery Heart:

1. Share herb garden.
2. Share Father's Day gift ideas.
3. Share CMA FEST recap.
4. Share Red, White, & Blue ideas.
5. Continuing sharing post to Pinterest. 
6. Send FIRST weekly email. (this one scares me) 
7. Pitch to 1-2 companies.
8. Take 3-5 photos for the 'gram.

Oh My Glittery:

1. Make Wood Sign.
2. Promote Red, White, & Blue items. 
3. Host a SALE. 
4. Send my FIRST weekly email. (again scares me to death)
5. Share items on Pinterest. 
6. Look up 3 Fall Festivals. ( I really want to give this a try this fall) 
7. Take 3-5 photos for the 'gram.  (I haven't posted on this account in 2 months)

Let's see how I did in May... 



✔1. Make CMA FEST gifts. YES, but I can't share them just yet. 
✔2. Have lunch with a friend. YES, Leigh Anne and I had lunch at the Bistro. 
✔3. Decorate in Red, White, and Blue. YES, and I am sharing on Wednesday.
✔4. Make essential oil rollers and labels. YES, I made an allergy and energy rollers.  
✔5. Make list of house to-do's for over the summer break. YES, and it's LONG.
✔6. Continue going to the gym and figure out a summer schedule. YES, the gym is becoming my happy place. 
7. Complete meal planning class. ALMOST- I got behind a few weeks. 
✔8. Plant an herb garden. YES, and I am sharing on Friday. 


✔1. Attend my niece's wedding. Yes, and you can read about it here. 
✔2. Celebrate Mother's Day. Yes, and you can read about it here. 
✔3. End the school year with ease. Yes, and we had so many celebrations. 
✔4. Try a new recipe. Yes, We made a pizza on the Big Green Egg. 
✔5. Enjoy a family day on the boat. Yes, We enjoyed a weekend at the lake with The Boswell's. 
✔6. Honor Memorial Day. Yes, so thankful for those who serve. 

My Glittery Heart:

✔1. Share summer bucket list. Yes, and you can see it here. 
✔2. Decide on summer schedule. Yes, a tentative one at least. 
✔3. Plan summer content. Yes, with flexibility 
✔4. Pitch to 1-2 companies. Yes (this makes me nervous too) 
5. Work on email list. NO, Not yet. (why am I so scared to do this?) 
✔6. Continuing sharing post on Pinterest. Yes, Pinterest is a great way to share content.
7. Share new recipe. NO, we tried a new recipe but I didn't photograph it. 

Oh My Glitter:

1. Make a wood sign from start to finish. No, I hope to complete a few this month. 
2. Make grad straws and list in shop. No, and I'm not sure why. 
✔3. Make America straws and list in shop.  Yes, and you can buy them here. 
✔4. Make label for straw packaging. Yes and No, I am using a previous sticker from the shop. 
5. Work on email list. NO. 
✔6. Continue sharing listings on Pinterest. Yes, again a great way to share my products. 
7. Make Red, White, and Blue tumbler. No, I am not even sure what I had in mind for this one. 
✔8. Look up Fall Festivals. Yes, I started this process and this month I hope to narrow down 3 and get more info. 

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