Let's Look at My Erin Condren Life Planner & Petite Planner System!

It is no secret that I am a paper planner gal! I have tried a few different type of planners but I always seem to come back to the Erin Condren Life Planner. But this year I did switch it up a little bit. I chose the Hourly Life Planner for the 2019-2020 year. I also added the Daily Petite Planner to my system.

Let me give you a tour of my Planner.

Here is my weekly layout. Each Sunday I try to plan out our week ahead by adding events to each day, meal planning, and adding my "to-do" list on the left hand side.

My monthly layout. I use it as an overview of the month. I add in Birthdays, Holidays, Football games, Golf, After school actives, etc.

Between each month is a blank sheet that I write in my monthly goals.

Right before the monthly page is this overview page. Where I write birthdays again, items I hope to check off the home improvement list, and track my workouts.

This page will probably change monthly.

Speaking of home improvement list, I have it written out in the back of my planner. As you can see, it's LONG!

I used these tabs and my label maker to create additional tabs for pages.

Here is the front of my planner right now! I do love changing out the covers for the seasons. Stylish Planners is one of my favorite shops to order them from other than erincondren.com 

I generally leave this planner sitting on the counter between our kitchen and living room so that everyone can see what we have going on that week. 

However, my petite planner is always right next to me. 

Here is how I set up my petite planner...
*general to-do list
* shop to-do list
 blog to-do list for each day. 
* 3rd section: I use for different things. Sometimes a quick grocery list, phone calls to make, appointments to schedule. Really whatever seems fitting for the day. 
*blank area at the bottom is where I write any special events for that day. 

Monthly view in my petite planner is my blog schedule.

Of course, all my petite planners are housed in my beautiful On The Go Folio. 

When you open up my Folio, here is the order of my petite planners...

Current Monthly Planner

Lined Journal for making list.

Next is my Goal Setting Journal. I haven't started using it yet.

Finally my next Daily Planner.

I created the same tabs as above for the monthly sections of the petite planners.

I will tell you that I get planner envy all the time of all these planner girls and their stickers. I have lots of stickers for mine but I just never could get it to look like the planner girls planners so I finally became one with my style and it works for ME! 

Oh, but I hear that Erin Condren is releasing next years petite planners either later this week or next! 

So tell me, are you a paper planner girl?? If so, what is your favorite planner? 

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