Our Weekend with Ian's Homecoming and Ella's Youth Retreat

Hello Monday! We had a very busy and stressful week and weekend. I sure hope this week doesn't require so much adulting. 😜

I hope you will grab our new FALL graphic and join us! I am recapping our week.

Last Monday started off like any other day but then this guy got very sick. He was vomiting or diarrhea for most of the day and when he wasn't showing any sign of feeling better by 4pm I rushed him to the vet before they closed. Well after blood work it showed that he had pancreatitis. It was so SCARY but he is feeling so much better now. 

Monday the contractor also started our new deck so Thursday night Ben and the kids put together our new deck furniture.

Friday morning after I dropped off the kids at school, I raced to the surgery center to see my mama before her arm surgery. She had a plate and a few screws put in. 😢

Friday afternoon, we went to my brother in law's dad's visitation. He passed away earlier last week.
Then Friday night we went to the Homecoming game but after 2 lightening delays they ended up having to reschedule the game.

Saturday morning, we were all up early for the boys to head to the golf course and for me to get Ella off to the youth  retreat.

She text me this picture on their way.

I had the afternoon to myself, so after a few errands and watching the septic tank get pumped out you found me doing this...

Rodrigo Blankenship is my favorite player! He is precious!

I also worked on my coffee cart and bar cart while watching the game.

During halftime, I moved my party to the new deck.

Then I had to quickly give this guy a bath because he rolled in the MUD.

The boys got home and we continued to watch the game and I even took a nap.

Then it was time to get this guy ready for HOMECOMING!

We met to take pictures and dinner.

A little help from dear ole dad.

We love this sweet boy of ours.


 We dropped the kids off at the dance around 9PM.

At 9:42, I got a text that the boys were ready to be picked up. 🙄We made them tough it out until 10:45! HA
Meanwhile, some of the parents came to hang out at our house while the kids were at the dance.

While Ella was at camp, She was able to pick one activity and she picked horseback riding so she sent us a picture of her horse Astro.

After the dance, Ian had 3 friends spend the night so Sunday morning they slept in while Ben and I did a few things around the house.

Ella sent me this sweet picture of her and her friends during free time.

Yesterday, we also celebrated this sweet girls 3rd BIRTHDAY!

My boys played golf at the golf course that Ben grew up playing golf because they are closing their doors for good at the end of this month. :(

I picked Ella up from camp around 4 then it was home to unpack, nap, laundry, meal planning, and lunch packing for the week.

I sure hope I don't have to "adult" so much this week. HA

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