Our Week with Lots of Orders and FNL!

Happy Tuesday Friends! I hope y'all all enjoyed your long weekend! We sure did! My kiddos went back to school in person today but they will be home digital learning the rest of the week. I am recapping last week. 

Monday, August 31st- 

I shipped out all the orders. I am loving all the FALL orders.  

This Water Tracker is a must!! 

Tuesday, September 1st- 

It started like most mornings...coffee, Jesus, and the verse of the day. 

I was pretty proud of myself for all the rings that I closed in August!! 

Then I ran the dishwasher to watch it for a leak before the repair guy got to the house. I had to stop it when it started leaking. and of course it did leak! 

While the dishwasher repair guy was here, I read this book. 

After the repair guy left, I went to the neighbors to introduce her mom to SeneGence. 

Ran the dishwasher later that evening and GUESS WHAT?!?!?!? It leaked AGAIN! 

Wednesday, September 2nd- 

Love the Verse of the Day! 

After I got the kids started on school, I went to workout with Becca. 

After the school day ended, I took the kids to Legend's. Ian played 9 holes with 2 of his buddies while I went out to play 9 holes with my best girl. 

Thursday, September 3rd- 

It was coffee, Jesus, and school. I worked in my craft room and got a new skincare routine. 

My afternoon helpers. That sweet little pup is Bella from next door. 

Thursday afternoon, I cleaned out the pantry and moved the Kumut, sugar, and measuring spoons on the island. 

I made Magnolia Table Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches for dinner. They were so GOOD! 

Friday, September 4th- 

After the kids got started with school, I went to workout with Becca. One day I will be able to do a pull up with no band. 

After my workout, I had a load of stuff to drop off at GoodWill so I stopped by a local shake and tea place. I got a Georgia Peach Tea. YUM! 

and a Snickers shake. SO FREAKING good! 

Friday afternoon, I did a Navy/Gold look for FNL. 

It felt so good being at a LIVE football game. 

Saturday, September 5th- 

Ella and I had a nail appointment at 10am and then we ran all the errands. While my guys played golf course. 

Saturday afternoon, Ben's boss and his son came over for a late lunch and a few drinks. We did enjoy some time on the back deck before we went to Home Depot to buy a new DISHWASHER! YAY! 

This guy was exhausted....

Saturday night, Ella made Cinnamon Raisin Bread and it was so good! I will share next week. 

Sunday, September 6th- 

My whole gang went to the golf course while I stayed home and CHILLED! My allergies are already a mess. I had to take an allergy pill so I took a nap! I picked up pork chops from Publix and that afternoon we grilled pork chops with Ben's mom and brother. 

Later that evening, I poured a glass of red and curled up on the couch with Trixie. 

It was a good week and I'm excited for the week ahead!! 

xoxo Heather 

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