Our Week with Happy Mail, Voting, & Our House PAINTED!

 Happy Monday Friends! I hope y'all had a great weekend. We finally got the inside of the house repainted! I LOVE it so this week I will be working on cleaning and putting everything back together. 

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Monday, October 19th-

It was our typically Monday morning. Coffee and Jesus. Then I took the kids to school and worked out. 

I came home and got ready. Took photos for my Target Haul post. 

The rest of the day was working on order, make grooming appointments for the dogs, cleaning our my food storage cabinet, and my pots and pans cabinet. 

Tuesday, October 20th- 

Coffee & Jesus. Dropped the kids off at school, Worked around the house. Then I went to VOTE and to Target. 

When I got home, we had HAPPY MAIL. Our Disney Magic Bands ARRIVED!! We are so excited to go to Disney in December. 

The rest of Tuesday was homework, cleaning out my recipe book cabinet, cooking dinner, etc. 

Wednesday, October 21st- 

Coffee, Jesus, dropped off kids at school, worked out. Then I came home and scheduled my spa treatment while we are on Ben's President Trip. 

I enjoyed this soup for lunch.  

Wednesday evening, we took Ben's sales team to dinner for hitting their sales quota for the year. SO PROUD of THEM! 

Thursday, October 22nd- 

Coffee & Jesus, Dropped the kids off at school, then I headed to my allergist appointment to start my grass tablets. Then I went to my WW meeting and I gain +0.6. Which was totally excepted. I didn't beat myself up. LOTS of GRACE. 

Then I met my sweet Leigh Anne for lunch at The Bistro to celebrate her BIRTHDAY that was Monday. I can't believe I didn't grab a selfie. :( 

Later that evening, I started taking everything off the walls and emptying my china cabinet to start getting ready for the painters. I took a picture of my china cabinet so I can remember where everything goes. 😉

Later that evening, I got a sneak peak of our family pictures. Y'ALL I CAN'T HANDLE HOW BIG THEY LOOK. 

Friday, October 23rd- 

Coffee & Jesus, Dropped the kids off at school, got in a work out. Then it was home to get ready to go meet my bestie Talia for lunch. 

Friday evening, I finished getting everything ready for the painters. Ella rode home with a friend from school and my boys went to the golf course so I was able to work with no interruptions. 

Saturday, October 24th- 

My guys headed to the golf course at 8:00 and the painters arrived at 9:00. 

Bye Bye red wall...

While the painters were working, I worked in my planner and blog post all while watching Emily in Paris. It is so CUTE! 

I got a notification of a review. Y'all these reviews mean SO MUCH TO ME! 

A little while later, this was the paint progress. I couldn't believe how fast they were working. 

They left around 4:30. That night we went to the annual C5 Farms Bonfire.

Sunday, October 25th- 

My boys went back to the golf course. Grammy picked up Ella and her friend to go to church while I worked on putting the house back together. The painter came back around 9:30 to finish everything up. It looks so good. I worked until around 8 to make sure I got everything done. Then it was normal Sunday chores. I sat down at 9:45 to finish this post!! 

Cheers to a great week! 

xoxo Heather. 

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