Our Week with Doctor Appointments and Our Annual Trip to the UGA Bookstore.

Happy Monday Friends!! How was your weekend?? I am recapping our week and weekend so if you blogged make sure you join me below!! 

Monday, August 23rd- 

Coffee, Jesus, kids to school, and I got in a workout. Then I ran all the errands... Goodwill, Pick up Ian's belts, Home Depot, Dump, Back to Home Depot, and Bath and Body Works. 

When I got home, I started working on orders, scheduled a pick up, picked up Ella, and then did a clean sweep of the house. 

Time was flying by and then it was time for dinner, showers, and BED! But I did manage to snap pictures of my new skincare routine for Wednesday's post. Did you read it?? 

Tuesday, August 24th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Kids to School but Ian ended up coming back home. His allergies were so bad and his nose was stopped up. He just didn't feel good. 

When he got home, I fixed him breakfast. He wanted a bacon, egg, and cheese wrap. I accidently made an omelet. I have been trying forever to make one so it had to be documented. I will try making more omelets. 

After I got Ian all settled and tucked back into bed, I went outside to start pressure washing the house. I called two places and couldn't get anyone to return my calls so I thought I'll just do it myself. Well I barely got the front porch cleaned and my hands were numb from my carpal tunnel. And wouldn't you know that a truck pulled up across the street to pressure wash my neighbors house. I marched my happy tail right over there to get his business card. But luck would have it, he had time to pressure wash our house that day!! Praise the Lord! 

I did manage to spray paint the bakers rack on the front porch and the flower stand. I did some laundry, worked on orders, and blog post!! 

Again the day flew by....carpool, dinner, showers, and bed. 

Wednesday, August 25th- 

Coffee, Jesus, and Ella to school. Ian still wasn't feeling great so he stayed home. I called his doctor and finally got an appointment for Thursday! He was only stopped up. No fever, No cough, and No body aches! He could also taste and smell. I went to workout and walk with my sister while my brother in law was in PT. One the way home, I got gas and grabbed lunch for me and Ian. He wanted Chick-Fil- A!! I checked Ella out at 12:30. 

But before I left the house, this is how I left Trixie. 

I saw this meme and Y'all I couldn't help but share. It's so true. I keep saying the rapture has to be soon. This world is straight up crazy right now. 

Wednesday afternoon, I was exhausted and this was my bed...

The rest of the day was resting and cooking dinner. Showers and Bed. 

Thursday, August 26th- 

Coffee, Jesus, and Ella to school. Ian stayed home again. I got myself together and waited for the company to come get measurements to clean and stain our deck. (BTW- He is coming next week) 

I worked in the craft room and them I had a doctor's appointment at 10:45. My allergies have been crazy and I have had a lot of drainage. My ear drum basically suction cupped itself to my ear canal. It didn't hurt, it just drove me crazy. If I touched it, it sounded like someone was crinkling paper in my ear. She gave me a steroid pack to open it up and let it drain. 

Later that afternoon, Ian had a doctor's appointment for his darn allergies! He was fine and no sinus infection. He was cleared to go back to school on Friday!!  

Thursday evening, Ella went to the middle school football game. (she is the videographer), Ian went to the golf course, so Ben and I enjoyed an adult beverage on the back deck!! It's great having a 16 year old to pick up his little sister 😉

Dinner, Showers, and Bed. 

Friday, August 27th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Both kids to school, and I went to workout. After my workout, I met my sister to walk while my brother in law was in PT. 

I ate a quick lunch, got myself ready, worked in the craft room, picked up Ella, worked in the craftroom. Then a quick dinner and FNL! 

After a lightning delay and some rain, we finally got home around 11:30, showered, and fell in the bed. Ella spent the night with a friend. 

Saturday, August 28th- 

My boys went to the golf course, Ella was at a friends so I enjoyed a quiet morning of Jesus and Coffee. 
I made my grocery list and ran to Publix. I worked a little bit in the craft room and started laundry.

Then my 4 headed to Athens for lunch and our Annual Trip to the UGA Bookstore. 

After the bookstore, we went to an early dinner at Rafferty's and Academy for a few more supplies for this upcoming weekend. 

Then we ended up on the couch watching The Netflix Series- Titletown USA. It's about Valdosta High School. 
Ben liked it but I didn't. The Coach was a butthead. 

Sunday, August 29th- 

My boys headed to the golf course. I got busy doing all the things....Laundry, Meal Prepping, Made dog food, worked in the craft room and even took a nap! 

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