Our Week with Grandma's Birthday and The Battle of Barrow

Hello Monday!! How was your weekend?? I am recapping our week and weekend! If you blogged, please link up below and grab the NEW graphic. 

Monday, August 16th

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School, and I went to work out with my trainer. 

Then it was ALL THE ERRANDS. Publix, Bank, Golf Course, Return bins to the Mexican Restaurant that catered for the golf tournament. Again ALL THE ERRANDS. 

I finally got home, put up groceries, and then worked on the to-do list. Which included sending out our annual Bulldawg Bash invite. 

Don't come at me about having a gathering and 'Rona numbers. It's a small gathering.  #youdoyouboo 

The rest of Monday was a blur of carpool, dinner, showers, bed, etc. 

Tuesday, August 17th- 

Coffee, Jesus, and Kids to School. It RAINED the ENTIRE day and I didn't get a lot accomplished. I had no motivation to do anything. However, I did manage to accomplish a few things off the to do list and complete a few orders

Before I knew it, it was carpool, dinner, showers, and bed. 

Wednesday, August 18th- 

Coffee, Jesus, and I worked out at Home. Then I conquered a HUGE to do list. It was a very productive day. 
After school, we had dentist appointments and Ian wanted to go to the golf course after his appointment so I had to send him a picture of his stuff to make sure I had it right!! HA 

Look what Ben's uncle made me!! I love it and can't wait to use it at The Bulldawg Bash! 

Wednesday evening, I watched these two trainers discuss the potion control containers. It was a lot of information. 

We crashed into bed. 

Thursday, August 19th- 

It was my mama's birthday so I let Ella skip school and we had a girls day. We went to lunch and to the nail salon. 

When we got home, I got to work finishing the bar cart. 

Then I SAW THIS....Y'all!! I can't wait. NOVEMBER 7th! 

The rest of Thursday was busy working on the to-do list, dinner, showers, and beds!! 

Friday, August 20th- 

Coffee, Jesus, I went to workout. Both kids missed school. I worked on orders, the home improvement list, and a few other things. 

Then we got ourselves ready, went to our favorite mexican restaurant, and then to FNL. It was the Battle of our County. Both high schools were playing each other. 

We got home late and fell into bed. 

Saturday, August 21st- 

Coffee and Jesus for me, Golf Course for my boys, and sleeping in for Ella. I enjoyed my slow morning, made our meal plan for the week and got myself together to go grocery shopping. Grammy came to hang out with us and we cooked some scallops for dinner. 

But look who else came to hang out with us....

Bella from next door. Did I mention she can jump the fence now?? 

Look at the yummy scallops. 

Ben and I started Season 3 of Manifest. Y'all I'm HOOKED! 

Sunday, August 22nd- 

Golf course for my boys, Ella and her friend, Gracie slept in. While I watched church online and enjoyed my coffee with our little visitor, Bella. She makes herself real comfortable at our house. 

The rest of Sunday was spent cleaning out the garage, laundry, watching a few more episodes of Manifest, and this blog post. 

So how was your weekend?? 

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