Happy 5th Birthday to our Trixie Roo!

 Happy Wednesday! Today we get to celebrate our precious Trixie! Y'all know how much we love her!! 

We are going to celebrate with Pupachinos and a Birthday doggie cookie! But let's share some pictures of Trixie over the past 5 years. 

These are in no certain order. 

Our first Christmas with Trixie. 


Trixie has loved her sleep from the very beginning. 

Her 1st Birthday! 

Several Pugfest 

She has become quiet the lake pup 

She is the perfect lap dog

Y'all I can't even with this girl. 

Like I said a lake pup

Look at my sweet girl! 

and she had an allergic reaction. 

I love these 2.

She LOVES her daddy

She loves adventures with her people. 

The best carpool buddy. 

Her 4th Birthday

I could keep sharing tons of photos of our sweet Trixie but at some point I have to stop. When we got her in December of 2016. She completed our family!! 

We love her so much! 

Do you have a pup? If so, What kind?  

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