Our Week with Labor Day, A Winery, and a Road Trip

Hey Hey Monday!! How was your weekend?? Cheers to a new week; last week was just crazy for me so I hope this week goes a little smoother! 

I am recapping our week and weekend! I hope you link up with me below...

Monday, September 6th- 

It was Labor Day. Ella was going to the lake with Addison and Ian was going to the lake with Kathryn so Ben and I went to breakfast and then drove up to Yonah Mountain Winery for the afternoon. The weather was beautiful. 

We had the best afternoon. 

Meanwhile, Stephanie was sending me these pictures of the girls. 

We picked up CFA for dinner and watched Jungle Cruise. The kids got home a little later. As soon as I saw Ella, I knew she didn't feel good. She had a 99.4 temp. She took a warm shower and crawled into the bed. 

Tuesday, September 7th- 

Coffee, Jesus, and Ian to school. I kept Ella home with me just to be careful. She didn't run another temp but she was very congested and a cough. I made my grocery list and ran to Publix. 
By that afternoon, I called and made her a doctor's appointment for Wednesday. 

My guys went to Kathryn's volleyball while Ella and I chilled at home. I enjoyed a long conversation with my sister on the phone. My guys got home and we all crashed. 

Wednesday, September 8th- 

Coffee, Jesus, and Ian to school. I went to workout and then came home to check on my girl. Still no fever but congested. 

We went to her doctor's appointment. No Strep and No Covid. Just a good ole fashion cold. Her dr said since she wasn't running a fever she was welcome to return to school on Thursday if she was feeling up to it! 

We got home, cooked dinner, and waited for Ian to get home from Kathryn's so we could all crash into the bed. 

Thursday, September 9th- 

Coffee, Jesus, and BOTH kids to school. I rode the Peloton, got ready, and went to have lunch with Talia for her birthday. 

After school, I took Ella and Gracie CFA since they had an 8th grade football team. Ian came home to clean his room, do homework, and then headed to see Kathryn. 

I cooked cube steaks for dinner, cleaned up, chilled, and headed to bed. 

Friday, September 10th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Ian to school. Ella ended up staying home again because she was coughing so much. She slept till 1pm, y'all. 

I went to workout and run a few errands. Then I came home worked on orders, decorated for Fall, did a clean sweep of the house, and that evening we had friends over to hang out on the back deck. 

After they left, I cleaned up the kitchen and CRASHED! 

Saturday, September 11th- 

We were up early. The boys headed to the golf course while Ella and I headed to see my niece cheer. 

Look how cute she is...

Sweet Everlee. Y'all she is a sassy, hot mess. 

After the game, we went to lunch and to hang out st my dad's for a little bit. 

Red, White, and Blue... because we will never forget. 

Ella and I made the trip home and got home about 10 minutes after UGA kicked off. But don't worry we were listening and heard that TOUCHDOWN in the first 38 seconds. 🐾

We watched the game, I took a shower, cleaned up the kitchen, started Rosie, and headed to bed. 

Sunday, September 12th- 

Coffee and Jesus. I started laundry, emptied the dishwasher, and settled down to watch online church. Ella slept in and the boys went to the golf course. 

I worked on blog post, packaged orders, worked on orders, finished laundry, had groceries delivered, did a clean sweep of the house, scheduled IG post for the week, cleaned out the fridge and took out the trash. 

I started a new book and crashed into bed. 

Cheers to a new week! 

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