Monthly Goals | November 2021

Hello Monday, Hello November. I know I normally share our weekly recaps on Monday but I'm switching it up a bit today. So I'm sharing my monthly goals. 

Let's start with N O V E M B E R...


1. Meal Plan and Meal Prep. I know that sounds basic but if I meal plan and meal prep my meals, I will follow that plan and not just get junk because I don't want to fix anything. Planning and Prepping will help me stay on track with my nutrition. When I was on WW,  this was my approach and I lost 20 pounds. 

2. Attend a Make a Charcuterie Board Class. I have wanted to take a class like this for a while and I finally just signed up to take it by myself. 

3. Get a Facial. My skin is SUPER dry so I need a good moisturizing facial. 

4. Clean out my Closet. I need to switch my spring/summer clothes to my fall/winter plus a good clean out. 


1. Play all the Golf. My boys are playing in a golf tournament together and Ian is playing in another at the end of the month. 

2. Host a Team Dinner. Ben and I are treating Ben's team to a dinner for hitting their sales number last year. 

3. Celebrate Thanksgiving. We are so excited to see family this year since we missed last year. 

4. Decorate for Christmas. Since I do not host Thanksgiving, I decorate early for Christmas. It takes so long to get everything decorated that I like to have it out for a while.

Oh My Glitter: 

1. Post 4-5 times a week on the ole 'gram. I always have the best intentions to post and be consistent but I always fail. Take 2. 

2. Attend Holiday Market. I am so excited to be a vendor at this 3 day event. 

3. Attend a Fall Festival. Again, I am excited to be a vendor at this one day event. 

4. Add new designs to the Shop. With the vendor events, I have been attending I have a few new designs and I will need to get them added to the shop. 

My Glittery Heart: 

1. Post 4-5 times a week on the ole 'gram. Again I always have the best intentions and fail. Take 2. 

2. Share Homemade Bread. I have mentioned it several times here that I made the switch to Kamut flour and I love it. I try to make several loaves a few times a month so hopefully I can share. 

3. Share a Cocktail recipe. It's National Happy Hour Day this month so I would love to share a new recipe. 

4. Share Small Businesses. In today's world, it is so important to shop small and shop early. 

Not a whole lot of goals this month because with vendor events, it takes a lot of work and time. 

Let's see how I did in O C T O B E R...


✔ Don't Gain Any Weight. I can't seem to lose any weight but I sure as heck don't want to gain any. It's a busy month with lots of events. 

. Have Lunch with a Friend. Y'all know how much I love my besties and nothing better than grabbing lunch with one of them. 

. Start Weighed by The Word Bible Study with Quortney at Running Redeemed.  I think this Bible Study came at just the perfect time in my life. 

✘ Complete Fired Up Fit Club with LindsayAnn. Maybe a bet with money as a reward will help put a fire under my butt to lose some weight and workout. 

. Enjoy a Spa Day. I plan to cash in my Christmas gift and relax at the spa. 

. Celebrate a Bestie's Birthday. It's LeighAnne's Birthday month and I hope to take her to lunch or a GNO. 


. Celebrate Ella's 14th Birthday. I can't believe my baby is going to be 14. That's crazy. She wants to take a few friends to Six Flags for Fright Fest this year and enjoy a trip to the lake. 

. Celebrate Stacey and Tonya's 30th Wedding Anniversary. We have planned a sweet surprise party for them. (We have already had the party, so if my sister is reading this the party is over) 

. Enjoy Fall Break. It's going to be a mix of a staycation and a short trip to the lake. 

. Go on President's Trip. This years trip has been bumped up to this month instead of the first week in November. We are headed by to Naples, FL again. 

. Celebrate Halloween. Not sure what our plan will be this year with Ian having a girlfriend and I'm sure Ella will want to hang out with friends. Why do my babies have to grow up? 

Oh My Glitter:

. Post 4-5 times a week on the ole 'gram. I always have the best intentions to post and be consistent but I always fail. 

My Glittery Heart

. Post 4-5 times a week on the ole 'gram. Again I always have the best intentions and fail. 

. Share the Halloween Bar Cart. Y'all know how much I love the bar cart. Halloween and Christmas are my favorite time to decorate it. 

. Share my Fall Front Porch. It's fun to decorate the porch for all the holidays. 

I am pretty pleased with how I did last month! So here's hoping I am productive in November. 

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