Our Week with Decorating for Christmas and A Girls Weekend.

Hello Monday, Hello New Week. Y'all I can't believe NEXT Thursday is Thanksgiving. I feel like this month is flying by. Anyone else?? 

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Monday, November 8th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School. I came home and went to work filling orders. I was summoned to jury duty and my instructions were to report to the courthouse at 1:30. I was hoping I would get dismissed and thank goodness when we had to call after 6, I was officially released. 

The rest of the afternoon, I had Ian and Kathryn help me bring up all the Christmas decorations from the shed while Ella went to her middle schools basketball games to video. Ben picked Ella up and they got home around 7:30. With the time change y'all, I barely keeping my eyes open at 8. HA 

The pups were feeling the time change too. 

Tuesday, November 9th- 

Coffee, Jesus, and Kids to School. I came home and started decorating. Why does it always start with a mess? Ha 

But I had to pause to take this sweet girl to the vet. She got her allergy shot and has a double ear infection. She was pitiful y'all. 

The rest of the day was spent decorating. I did finally crash on the the couch. Ben went to a friend's basketball game and Ian went to Kathryn's Volleyball Banquet. 

Wednesday, November 10th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School, and the Pups to the Groomer. I stopped at Target to get mason jars to store the broth that I made from the soup bones from the pig that we purchased and shared with another family. 

So good and healthy. 

I snapped a couple of pictures of more glasses. 

and worked on more orders while watching YellowStone again. 

I grabbed Ella from school, we dropped off a set of glasses from an order at the Elementary school. Then the kids helped me take all the empty bins to the shed, I started dinner, worked in the craftroom, did a clean sweep of the house. Ben had a manufacturer in town so they went out for drinks after work. I sent him this picture asking him where he was going to sleep. 😂😂😂😂

Y'all look at her sweet face. She doesn't feel good. 

I just LOVE these two. 

Again, we crashed into bed. 

Thursday, November 11th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School. I came home and worked on all the orders. I ate lunch, got myself ready, and ran all the errands. When I got home it was back to the craftroom, while Ian went to Legends, Ben joined Ian, and Ella went to the basketball game to video again. Ben went to pick up Ella and Ian went to see Kathryn.

However, I was enjoying my view. Oh RIP! 

Everyone got home between 7 and 8:30!! and guess what? We all crashed again. 

Friday, November 12th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School. Then home to do all the things. I checked Ian out of school so him and Ben could head to Valdosta for the weekend to play in a golf tournament. I grabbed Ella from school and her and I headed to the nail salon and dinner. 

By 6PM, this is where you could find me and Trixie. 

Ella and I enjoyed a girls evening. 

Saturday, November 13th- 

I enjoyed a slow morning of reading and Ella went to Addison's basketball game. I did a few things around the house and then met Leigh Anne for the first ever Sip and See Winder. We had a BLAST! 

Quick lunch stop at the Speakeasy. 

and to watch part of the Georgia game. 

Once we finished with the Sip and Shop, I headed to The Smith's to eat dinner. Ella was over there hanging out with Addison. We got home around 8:30 and I unloaded my packages. It felt really good to support lots of local businesses. 

This picture is probably my favorite purchase of the day. I just love him. 

Ella and I crashed into bed after our busy day. 

Sunday, November 14th- 

Coffee and Jesus. I put up all my purchases from yesterday while Ella slept in. I got myself ready and went to a Charcuterie workshop. 

I got home right before the boys, we had an early dinner, and chilled for the rest of the evening. 

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