Happy 6th Birthday to My Glittery Heart

Happy Tuesday Y'all! My Glittery Heart is CELEBRATING 6 years of BLOGGING today! 

I thought it would be fun to share my top S I X post from 2021...

1. Y'all love a good decorating post. Our Week with Decorating for Christmas and A Girls Weekend. 

2. Coffee Corner. I love this little space of mine and so did y'all! 

3. Valentine's Traditions. We love the few traditions that we have started with our little family. 

4. Y'all really like the recaps of our lives. Student Council, HOCO, and a Vender Event. 

5. Again with the recaps. Citizenship Award, Century Ride, and Last Day of School. I'm pretty sure it has to do with the Hello Monday Link Up 

6 Reasons I Continue to Blog... (the first 5 are from last year and still hold true.) 

1. I love preserving my families memories on this little space.

2. I love the friendships I have made from blogging.

3. I love sharing products that I love and find helpful.

4. It's still a creative outlet for me.

5. I love helping others. Even if it is just sharing our everyday life, it may help someone else in their everyday routine. 

6. I love being inspired from other bloggers. I love seeing their everyday lives, their favorites on Fridays, their Prime Purchases, their vacations, etc. Y'all make me what to be better for myself. 

6 Things I have Learned from Blogging... (the first 5 are from last year and still hold true.) 

1. Blogging is very time consuming 😉from planning content, photographing content, to writing content. It takes a lot of time.

2. Readers enjoy everyday real life experiences over all the sponsored post. Now, don't get me wrong I love the income of a sponsored post but I don't want my entire blog to be built around that.

3. It's hard work to get noticed in the "blog world" just getting readers is a full time job but one I am working hard on because I love the interaction.

4. Everyday I question if I should just "throw in the towel" and then I will get the sweetest comment and remember why I started this little space in the first place!

5. It's ok to take breaks. It's ok to step away for a bit and then come back when you are ready. 

I can't thank y'all enough for reading this little space of mine and watching my family grow! Cheers to year #6!

6. I have learned new skills. I have learned how to create graphics, embed videos, add links, website hosting. Things I would never have learned if I didn't start this little space. 

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