Our Week with Ella at Youth Camp and Golf

Happy Thursday Y'all! I have another weekly recap! I am recapping June 13th- 19th. 

Monday, June 13th- 

Ben got Ella to church and off to youth camp for the week. Leigh Anne and I got up, packed, and headed home. I dropped her off and headed home to get ready! Ben got home and we went to buy a new washer and dryer and dinner. 
Our dryer finally bit the dust while I was in Nashville. 

Tuesday, June 14th- 

Coffee, Jesus, unpack, and laundry. My sweet neighbor let me use her dryer the whole day. I was able to do all the things to catch up from being gone. 

Then I finally sat on the couch to watch some of the Braves game. Look who joined me. 

Wednesday, June 15th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Ian wen to play in a golf tournament. 

I was able to get a lot of stuff done while I was home alone. 

That evening I was working in the craft room and look who joined me... 

Oh Duke. 

Then I got this text from Ella and BURST into tears. 

Thursday, June 16th- 

Coffee and Jesus then I went to weigh in at WW. I was the same as the week before. I did all the things at home as my last day at home alone because Ian was playing in a golf match. 

By 6:15- Trixie and I needed to rest. 

But we regrouped and joined Ben on the back deck for a drink along with another furry friend. 

Sweet Bella. 

Friday, June 17th- 

Coffee and Jesus, visit my grandmother, grab lunch, ride with the boys on the course until it was time to pick up this sweet girl. 

We went 9 days without seeing each other. I missed her like crazy. 

Love watching them do their thing. 

When the boys got home, we just chilled, and then packed Ian to leave for a week at the beach with Kathryn. 

Saturday, June 18th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Ben to golf, and then Kathryn picked up Ian to head to the beach. Ella pretty much slept most of the day.

Then Grammy and Chris came over for dinner. 

We were already missing Ian. 

Sunday, June 17th- 

Ben went to the golf course and before he left he found sweet Daisy (the guinea pig) had passed away. :( 
Coffee, Jesus, Church online. and this is pretty much Ella for the rest of the day. Youth camp is exhausting y'all! 

We grilled steaks for dinner to celebrate our favorite guy and called it a night. 

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