Our Week with Top Golf, Movie Tavern, Escape Room, and Ella's Trip to the Lake.

Hey Hey Monday! Guess what... I have another recap. I am almost caught up. I am recapping June 27th- July 3rd. 

Monday, June 27th- 

It was a slow morning. Coffee, Jesus, laundry, orders, and a clean sweep. 
My boys played golf and we ordered pizza for dinner. But look at my sweet Trixie. 

Quickly showered and went to bed. 

Tuesday, June 28th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Peloton ride, Meeting with the church, and then Top Golf and then Mario Andretti's. But Y'all did your see this....

Wednesday, June 29th- 

Coffee, Jesus, and Hair appointments at 10:30. Then Ella and I grabbed lunch. Before chilling and then heading to the Movie Tavern to watch the new Jurassic World movie. 

Great way to watch a movie. 

We got home late and fell into bed. 

Thursday, June 30th- 

Coffee, Jesus, and then I weighed in at home and was up +0.6 for a total loss of 3.4. 

Look who joined me for my quiet time. 

Then we headed to an Escape Room and we made it out. 

Which won them a go cart round. 

This is how I felt come Thursday evening. 

Friday, July 1st- 

Coffee, Jesus, Ian to the golf course then Ella and I met Leigh Anne and Bailey for breakfast and then Talia and Jesse at the pool. 

I saw this and it's so true! 

Oh Trixie and all her poses! 

Saturday, July 2nd- 

Grocery shopping, nail appointment, and then Ella headed to the lake with friends. but not before her morning looked like this. 

We had an evening visitor! 

While Ella was living her best life! 

Sunday, July 3rd- 

Coffee, Jesus, super slow morning with my guys at the course. Then I cleaned and finally got ready to head to The Boswell's for a low country boil. 

Meanwhile look at this sweet girl. 

Ella was still living her best life! 

Cheers again, y'all! 

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