Our Week with All the Appointments, A Golf Tournament, Open House, and Luke Combs

Hey Hey Monday. Tomorrow my babies go back to school. Someone send the tissues because Ian is a Senior and Ella is a Freshman. Like what the heck.... Seriously DON'T BLINK. 

Monday, July 25th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Ride on the Peloton, Laundry, and then Ella had an eye doctor appointment. Our girl is officially in contacts. 

Then it was lunch at Legend's and home to finish up a few things such as blogging while Ella napped. 

my boys have been playing in a Monday night golf group so they got home later. Ate a quick bite and then we all crashed! 

Tuesday, July 26th- 

Boys headed to North Carolina for Ian to play in a Ryder Cup for North American Junior Golf. 
Then it was coffee and Jesus for me. Then dropped off Ella to get a facial so I could head to a meeting for church. Bailey picked her up and they went to lunch and The Foot Palace. 

I got home a little later and we chilled for the rest of the day. 

Wednesday, July 27th- 

Coffee, Jesus, and then we spent the morning at the pool with these cuties....

Easton was the sweetest and fell asleep while I was rocking him. 

The pool took it out of us and we CRASHED later that evening. 

Thursday, July 28th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Then to weigh in at WW. 

I'm making progress but I have a LONG ways to go! 

We went to Ella's 9th grade Open House. Then we went to Target to get the last few items that she needed. 

The boys got home later that evening and I was so happy! They unpacked and we all chilled before heading to bed. 

Friday, July 29th

Coffee and Jesus. Then I went to work the golf table at Open House and Ian's 12th grade Open House. When I got home, we headed to the Mall of GA to finish back to school shopping and dinner at Ninja. 

Saturday, July 30th

Coffee, Jesus, Boys to the course, While I went to the Farmers Market and Publix. When I got home and checked the mail....look what FINALLY arrived. 

We ordered these rings back in May and I was thinking we got scammed. 

Later that afternoon we headed to Atlanta for the Luke Combs concert. 

We got caught in a BAD storm. 

Love these 4. A couple behind us asked if they could guess which ones belonged to me and Ben. They guessed Ella and Kathryn. Y'all everywhere we go most people ask if they are sisters and we have to explain that Kathryn is actually her brothers girlfriend. HA! Ian just loves it. 

When Zach Bryan came on stage. I thought Addison was going to come out of her seat. 


Next up...Cody Johnson. 

Finally... LUKE COMBS! 

He was AMAZING! What a show! 

My only complaints... long drink and bathroom lines and we sat in the parking deck an hour before any cars moved! UGH. 

We finally got home around 1:30 and all 6 CRASHED! Everyone stayed at our house since it was so late. 

Sunday, July 31st- 

The kids slept in, Ben went to help his mom with a printer, and I chilled. Coffee, Jesus, Laundry, Clean out fridge. Then we met Ben at the AT&T store to get new phones, El REal for a late lunch/early dinner. Then a few more things before crashing. 

How was your weekend? 

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