Our Week with Cleaning Out, 2 lunch Dates, and the Member-Member

Hey Hey Y'all! How are you doing? I am here for another weekly recap! 

Monday, August 15th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School. Few things around the house and then I cleaned out our hall closet because it was bad y'all. Things were starting to fall out before I could close the door. 

I loaded up 3 bags to take to Goodwill before getting in line to pick up Ella. Then we came home, started dinner, while the boys played in their Monday golf match. They ate when they got home, everyone showered and we fell into bed. 

Sweet Trixie is really missing her kids during the day... Especially since her brother STARTED COLLEGE. Y'all I can't.... 

Tuesday, August 16th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School. Got myself ready and then the appraisers came to look at our roof. Turns out, we are getting a new roof.... 

I met Leigh Anne for lunch to plan our HHI trip for her birthday!! Why didn't I get a picture??? Then I went to Target with Ian since he only has class in the mornings and college classes on Monday and Wednesdays. 

I went to get Ella and Ian went to the course. Later I dropped Ella off at the new Young Life Leaders house, while I dropped off a meal for a Foster Family, then to a FFA meeting for Ella. Got home, ate dinner, Ian picked up Ella, and again we all crashed. 

I sent this to LA...

SERIOUSLY?!?!?! How is the Karate Kid 61. Like What?? 

Wednesday, August 17th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Finished a Book, Started Taco Soup for dinner, did all the morning chores, finished 2 orders, got ready, and headed to lunch with my mom and sister for my mom's birthday. 
Went to the Mall of Georgia to make a few returns, picked up our wine from last Wednesday's wine tasting, came home to unpack, clean up the craft room, do laundry, enjoy dinner, and then work on the blog. 

Thursday, August 18th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Ella to School, Dogs to the Groomer, and then I went to weigh in. I was UP 2 pounds! UGH! 

I came home to clean out our laundry closet, pick up the school area, clean out the freezer. I picked up Ella and her and I had nail appointments at 4:30 and then I dropped her off at a Young Life dinner.  I came home to eat dinner while the boys had dinner at the club after the first round of the member-member. 
I picked up Ella, boys got home, and we all crashed. 

Friday, August 19th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Ella to school. Boys to the course for another round of the member-member. Then I cleaned house, I cleaned up my closet and cleaned out my drawers. 

After I picked up Ella, I dropped her off at Addison's came home and got ready to head to the Battle of Barrow game. But first Ben and I went to dinner at Smokey Gringo's. 

Ella sent me this picture. She totally switched sides for the game. 

Ben and I left at the 4th quarter. Headed home and crashed. 

Saturday, August 20th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Boys to the course. I started cleaning out my craft room. Then I got ready and picked up Kathryn to head to the course to watch the boys play in the final match. 

Ella sent me this picture. She really wants a Bronco. 

Watching the shoot out at the course. 

After dinner, we headed home, waited on Ella to get home and crashed again. 

Sunday, August 21st- 

Church. Then pick up Laney Brooke to head to the Mall of Georgia. We had lunch at Tin Lizzy's, then started dress shopping for HomeComing. Got a dress plus a whole lot more. 

Got home, worked in the craft room, laundry, blog post, dinner, and bed. 

But this hit home during church. 

Cheers to the new week. 


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