Happy 18th Birthday, Ian

Happy Monday, Y'all! We got home late last night from Ian's National Championship and this morning we are waking up to his 18th birthday. Y'all I can't. If you need me today, I'll just be rocking in the corner and crying. #justkidding #ihavetomuchlaundrytodo 

Happy 18th Birthday, Ian Michael. 

Let's look back at Ian's past year.... 

Started his birthday weekend off at Sea World and Universal for his 17th birthday. 

Decorated Christmas Cookies at my sisters house. 

Saw Santa.

Had Family pictures taken. If you ask him, it's the worse day of the entire year! 

Celebrated all the Christmas'. Top Golf with The Boswells. 

Rang in 2022 with us and Kathryn. 

January 2022- built a snowman. 


Played against Brett during his high school season. 

Made it to state as an individual. 

Enjoyed a Staycation for Spring Break with Kathryn and Us. 

Braves Opening Day. 

Won Low Medalist at The Battle of Barrow. 

Went to Prom. 

Golf Banquet. 

Celebrated his sister graduating 8th grade. 

Enjoyed ONE weekend at the lake. 

Went to Blue Ridge for a weekend and a golf tournament. 

All the Golf Tournaments. 

Beach with Kathryn. 

Top Golf 

and an Escape Room. 

Vacation to Kissimmee, FL for a golf tournament. 


Said goodbye to our sweet Sandra. 

Luke Combs concert. 

Started his Senior year. 

Saw his 5th grade teacher. 

Went to HOCO. 

Hocus Pocus 2 night at our house. 

Cheered for Kathryn all Volleyball Season. 

Visited VSU. 

Took Kathryn to play golf. 

Supported his sister before she went to another HOCO. 

Carved his Bridgestone Pumpkin. 

Won a golf tournament. 

Family Pictures. 

This year has had its ups and down but It has been so much fun watching you grow bubs.!! We love you and can't wait to see what the next year has in store for you. 


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