Our Week with Ian's 18th Birthday, Ornament Exchange, and the Botanical Gardens.

Happy Wednesday Y'all! I am back with another recap. I am recapping December 5th-11th. 

Y'all it's a lot of pictures and I apologize!! 
Monday, December 5th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School, Then I cleaned house, finished laundry, went to Publix, and then came home to cook dinner and celebrate our 18 year old. 

I sure do love this 18 year old of mine. 

Tuesday, December 6th- 

All the things...Then I went to The Oasis for a Soup Basics class to learn how to make Bone Broth. I was so excited and learned so much. Then I did some online shopping and searched high and low for jeans to fit Ella. 

Wednesday, December 7th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School. Then I ran the dogs to the groomer and came home to knock more stuff off the to do list. 
including making dog food and sharing my cord keepers. 

Before I got ready, Trixie and I chilled on the couch. 

We took our new Young Life Director to dinner at Legends to plan an upcoming golf fundraiser. 

After dinner, We got home and I put up the dog food I made earlier and look who was right under my feet. 

Thursday, December 8th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School. I started doing a clean sweep then went to run a few errands to get ready for my Wine Tasting/Ornament Exchange that evening. 

Yummy Charcuterie board. 

What's so funny about this picture?? Maybe the way that I spelled "grigio" HAHA 

I think it autocorrected it and I missed it! 

Before Wine tasting drinks and after Wine Tasting Drinks... 

Asked the girls to take the picture above and look what I found on my phone!! HA 

Love my LeLe. 

Everyone went home by 10:45 and I was in bed by 11:30ish. What a FUN night! 

Friday, December 9th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School, and work in the craft room. Bella came to visit us and this was the pups by 8:30am. HA 

Friday after school, we quickly changed and picked up Will and headed to Maggiano's  for dinner and then The Atlanta Botanical Gardens for Christmas lights. 

Just Beautiful. 

Oh My Goodness, We had such a FUN night!! I can't believe I am to that point in my life that my babies have girlfriends and boyfriends! Ha But I do love the ones they have chosen! 

Saturday, December 10th- 

It was coffee and Jesus, Boys went to the course, then Ella and I had nail appointments at 10:30. We went to lunch and then went to support our favorite jewelry maker!! Bailey!! 

We got home, Ella changed, and then I dropped her off at the high school for the basketball games. My guys got home. We hung out and then Ian and Kathryn headed to dinner to celebrate his birthday, while Ben and I stayed curled up on the couch watching The Match! 

The kids got home and we all crashed. 

Sunday, December 11th- 

Ella had 3 friends spent the night on Saturday night so they pretty much took over the main level so Ben and I enjoyed coffee in bed. 

This was our bed....

Trixie was loving snuggles from her sister! 

Ben went to Legends and then headed home while I worked in my craft room/office. Ian went to a wedding with Kathryn. Ella and her friends had fun making a cake and hanging out with each other!! 

Then Ben and I headed to The Red Phone Booth in Buckhead. 

Great weekend!! 

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