Our Week with Another College Visit and Top Golf

Hey Y'all!! How is your week going? I am recapping last week and weekend! 

Monday, January 30th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to school, and then all the things to catch up on for being out of town for 4 days! Laundry, Cleaning house, Ordered groceries, cleaned out my email, made dog food. 

But my favorite girls made my day good! 

Tuesday, January 31st- 

Coffee and Jesus, Kids to School, Blog work, and just overall feeling ugh! But I did see this....

Thank Goodness. 

Wednesday, February 1st- 

We were up early and on the road to LaGrange for another college visit. It was a GREAT visit and we got to have lunch with our Bailey. 

On the way home, this is what my car looked like. 

We got home, fed the dogs, and then headed to Top Golf. 

Thursday, February 2nd- 

It was coffee and Jesus, Kids to school, I rode the Peloton, Then worked on golf stuff, and my Friday Favorites blog post.  

I saw these two memes and just laughed. 

Friday, February 3rd- 

It was Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School. I had a nail appointment at 10am, I stopped by Legends to start planning menus, I had lunch with Anita. I ran by Publix and to get Ella. I took her to the nail salon and then to hang out with Addison. 
I got home, heated up leftovers, and just CHILLED! Ella got home right at 11pm and we crashed. 

Saturday, February 4th- 

Pancakes for my people, coffee and Jesus. Then they all went to play golf, while I cleaned, went to Publix, worked on blog post and got my planner ready for the week. 

We grilled pork chops for dinner and then crashed! 

Sunday, February 5th- 

It was church, brunch, my gang went to play golf. I came home relaxed, went through golf uniforms, read, made dog food, and gout us ready for another week! 

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