Our Week with A Golf Match, A Peloton Goal, CMA Fest Announcement, and A Date Night

Hey Y'all! Happy Monday! How was your weekend?? We had a good one! I am recapping last week and this this weekend. 

Monday, March 6th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School, Got myself ready, and headed to get Ben's oil change. Our Hobby Lobby just opened and it is right next to the oil change place and it just so happened that my sister was going to Hobby Lobby so she picked me up and we enjoyed strolling the aisles. She couldn't stay very long so when I got done shopping, I just walked to the Quick Lane. Ben's truck was ready, so I paid, went to Publix and then home to work for a little bit. I had a nail appointment at 1pm. Made a few Amazon returns, then it was time to go pick up Ella. She had a Match. Ian didn't play in this match so he walked with his sister. 

I mentioned before that our neighbors house is having some remodeling done due to a flood. They have an outdoor cat and she is not loving all the workers at the house so I often find her on the back porch! She is the sweetest cat! 

He is the BEST big brother. 

We got home, we made panini's, showered, and crashed. 

Tuesday, March 7th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to school. I hopped on the Peloton and look how motivating my workout partner was.... 😛

I am at 242 Cycling rides. My goal is 300 before we leave for CMA Fest. I think I can get 58 rides in 2 months and 25 days. 

Speaking of CMA Fest, we got the line up of artist!! SO EXCITED! 

I did some work in the craft room, laundry, and then it was time to get Ella. I made fajitas for dinner. Ben went to have a drink with some co-workers after work. By the time, he got home I was ready to crash. 

Wednesday, March 8th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School. I hopped on the Peloton, got ready, do a few house chores, and then Ben came to pick me up and we went to Legends to play golf with Chris for his birthday. Well they played, I just rode. HA 

But look at sweet Duke when I was getting ready. 

Ella rode with one of the other girl golfers to the course for golf pictures then they practiced before her and Ian came to Legend's to met us for Chris' Birthday dinner. 

We got home, got ready for bed, and crashed. 

Thursday, March 9th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to school. I rode the Peloton again, laundry, started working on my taxes, laundry, cleaned up the craft room. Went to a Coffee and Coloring class at The Oasis. 

After I picked up Ella, a few more house chores, and then I pulled out all the leftovers for dinner. We called it a pretty early evening! 

Friday, March 10th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to school, Worked on taxes some more, more laundry, meal planned, set up my planner for the week. 

I had a doctor's appointment at 11:45 because my eczema had gotten out of control on my hands. She gave me a steroid pack to get it under control and then a steroid cream to use when it flares up again. I didn't want to go the medicine route but natural remedies were not working :( 

When I left the doctors office, I ran to Publix to pick up my medicine. Got home worked in the craft room some more, then carpool to get Ms. Ella. 

We got home and shortly after Stephanie picked up Ella to go to the baseball game with them (and to spend the night), Ian and Kathryn went to hang out with Grammy, and Ben and I went to Latin Flavors for date night. 

Guess what another Espresso Martini. They are delicious. 

Saturday, March 11th- 

Coffee, Jesus, my guys went to the course and I went to an Intro to Entrepreneurship Class at The Oasis. It was so GOOD! 

On my way home, I picked up Ella and we grabbed lunch. We got home and she got ready. We picked up Kathryn and headed to a different golf course for Ian and Ella to play a practice round for their Match this Thursday. 
Apparently, they were so packed that only 4 people could go out so I hung out at the bar and enjoyed a few glasses of wine. 😆😆

I was texting with Dixie and they were on their way to her father in laws which happened to be in the same neighborhood as the course that we were at so they picked me up and I crashed their party until my gang finished their round. They came to pick me up and to say hey to the family! 

We went to Sliced for pizza and then called it a night. 

Sunday, March 12th- 

We slept in and then my gang headed to PGA Superstore at 10 when they opened. I enjoyed my quiet time and coffee. I started cleaning house and laundry. I watched church online. Ordered groceries and had those delivered. 

But look at these crazies before they left. I am going to miss him like CRAZY in a few short months. 

After I cleaned house and started Taco soup for dinner. I tackled the craft room for the second time this week with a little help from Edward and Bella. It is always my catch all place and it needed a good cleaning and organization! 

Look who stopped by for a selfie during our cleaning. She was cleaning her room. 

I typed up this blog post, cleaned up the kitchen after dinner, showered, did a little self care, and called it a day! 

Cheers to a new week friends! 

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