Our Week with Riding in the Golf Cart, A Golf Match, A Shower, and a 1st Birthday Party.

 Hey Hey Y'all! Happy Tuesday! How is your week going so far? I am recapping last week and weekend. 

Monday, February 27th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School. I got busy with all the things... laundry, blog, cups, etc! Kids had golf practice after school. It was home for chicken quesadillas for dinner. 

I shared this picture on IG from our weekend recap. 

Love these girls so much! 

Tuesday, February 28th- 

Coffee and Jesus. and then I did a whole lot of nothing because I still felt like crap. Ben did call and say he was going out to play a round of golf and since I didn't have to pick up Ella I went and road with him. It was great to get outside for a little bit. 

Ben and I headed home and we just snacked at home while the kids picked up CFA! 

Wednesday, March 1st- 

Coffee and Jesus. Kids to school, Dogs to Groomers, and I headed to get my greys covered! Then I came home ate lunch, did a load of laundry, worked on cups, then headed to pick up Ella, got home, she changed then her, I, Ian, and Kathryn headed to the course for their match!!! 

Love these pictures! 

HUGE support for the kiddos! 

Sweet Ian! Love this picture with the sunset! 

My favorite "stepchildren"! HA 

Our kids are so blessed with the amount of support they receive. 

We went to dinner with The Boswells and then crashed. 

Thursday, March 2nd- 

Coffee and Jesus, Kids to School, Ride on the Peloton, and then all the things...




bar cart, 

put up decor, 



I am not READY! but he is... 

Got Ella, made nachos for dinner, laundry, and worked on a few blog post before I called it a night! 

Friday, March 3rd- 

Coffee, Jesus, Kids to School, I still wasn't feeling great. This pollen is killing me! I soaked in the bath tub then got myself ready. Headed to Legends for lunch and then to a drs appointment. I stopped by Home Depot and then grabbed Ella from car rider line. Took her to get her nails done, came home ordered her and friends pizza and Ben and I headed to dinner at Latin Flavors! We got home and the girls were watching The Notebook!! They loved it!! 

Well at 11:40, I was still awake due to 2 of these.....

But my earlier views were super cute!  

Saturday, March 4th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Boys to the course and the girls headed to a baby shower! Ella went home with Addison and I ran a few errands. 

The guys got home, Stephanie dropped off all three girls, and then Grammy showed up with all the groceries to cook dinner!! 

We cleaned up, Grammy and Chris headed home, and we all chilled until bed. 

Sunday, March 5th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Boys and Ella headed to the course. Then I did all the house work! cleaning, laundry, meal planning, ordering groceries, and then Ella and I went to celebrate a special little boy! WILKES! 

We got home, did a few more chores, and CRASHED! 

Cheers to a new week! 

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