Our Week with A Golf Tournament, 2 Banquets, and a Birthday Party.

 Hey Y'all! Happy Monday! How was your weekend? I am recapping last week and weekend. 

Monday, May 1st- 

Coffee, Jesus, T25, and a ride on the Peloton. Then all the ERRANDS for the YL golf tournament. Ben and I went to put out the hole signs, grabbed dinner at Friends while the kids went to Barberitos. 

Got home and CRASHED! 

Tuesday, May 2nd- 

Up super early to head to Legends for the golf tournament. 

These 2 are just precious! 

So proud of these 4! 

After the tournament, we headed to Ella's FFA Banquet. 

So proud of our girl! She rocks!! 

Wednesday, May 3rd- 

Coffee and Jesus, Workout and Ride on the Peloton. 

Then all the errands and all the things... 

I finished Firefly Lane with all the tears! Seriously ALL THE TEARS! 

Thursday, May 4th- 

Coffee and Jesus! Then I pretty much checked out and READ my book. My emotions are all over the place this month. 

I did pull myself together in time to pack my car and set up for the golf banquet. 

But before so glad Duke was comfortable. 

Golf Banquet 2023. 

We got home and pretty much crashed! 

Friday, May 5th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Ian went to a golf tournament, I dropped Ella off at school and ran to Publix to get everything we needed to cook a fiesta for Cinco de Mayo! 

I sent this to LA bc our May is nuts and we may not come back after our trip to Nashville. 😉

Just kidding we will come back! I spent the rest of the day feeling like I was in a daze! 

We ate mexican for dinner, I cleaned up the kitchen and crashed! 

Saturday, May 6th- 

Boys headed to a golf tournament, Ella slept in, and then I went back to bed. I think the week just caught up with me and I pretty much slept on and off all day! We headed up leftover mexican for dinner, I finished planting my pots, took a benadryl, and crashed. 

If you needed Trixie or I, you could find us here... 

Sunday, May 7th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Boys headed to the course, Ella and her friends slept in, and I GOT BUSY! I was very productive. I cleaned house, put stuff away, laundry, washed sheets and remade the bed, started cutting out cupcake picks for Ian and Brett's graduation parties, filled 2 orders, got ready to head to Daniel's 3rd birthday party, ran to the Mall of Georgia! Got home about 10 minutes after the groceries were delivered, got those put away, emptied the dishwasher, switched blankets from the washer to dryer, ordered more graduation party items, finished this blog post, looked over our week, made sure to write down what has to be done each day, and pretty much crashed again! 

Unfortunately the rest of the month, I may have very sporadic blog post as life is super busy right now and I really want to just enjoy the moments of this month!! Thank you for the continued love and support for my little family!  

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