Our Week with Watching Brett at Area, Lunch all By Myself, and Taylor Swift.

Hey Y'all! Happy Thursday! I know I don't normally post on a Thursday but y'all life is CRAZY right now and I am just posting when I get a minute! 

Monday, April 24th- 

Coffee and Jesus! Then I got myself ready and headed to a local course to watch my Brett in his Area Tournament. I watched his first 9 holes and then ran home to do a few things before heading to get Ella and going to the Mall of GA. She was on the hunt for the perfect Taylor Swift outfit. 

We all just picked up dinner and crashed! Shopping with a 15 year old is exhausting. 

Tuesday, April 25th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Ride on the Peloton, got myself ready and the kids to school. Then I hopped on a call with Abby and Ben to put finishing touches for the golf tournament. 

Ran a few more errands, laundry, cleaned out my purse, water plants, and typed a blog post! 

Which included a lunch at PF Changs ALL BY MYSELF....

Love my fortune cookie! 

We got home and this dress arrived for Ella! She ended up wearing it to TS! 

I was a mess when I looked at my fridge covered in grad announcements. 

Who am I kidding, I will be a mess for a while! :( 

Wednesday, April 26th- 

Coffee and Jesus. Did all the things but it was raining for the match since Ella wasn't playing in it, her and I stayed home and the boys went. 

I spent the day cleaning and listening to all the music. 

Then ending my night with a dole whip ninja creami. It was heavenly. 

Thursday, April 27th- 

Coffee, Jesus, Ride on the Peloton, and then a whole lot of nothing. I was so lazy. But we had the Battle of Barrow at 4:00. We didn't get to play but we did get to celebrate our Seniors. 

Buddies since they were 4 years old. 

It was fun even if they only got to hang out! Thats a whole lot of golfers between 3 schools and we were missing a few. 

Friday, April 28th- 

Coffee and Jesus. 20 minute ride on the Peloton. Then I felt like a chicken with my head cut off but going no where. 

But Bella stopped by to say Hi and take a nap! 😉

I picked Ella up from school and we went to the nail salon and then we grilled catalina chicken for dinner! 

Saturday, April 29th- Taylor Swift DAY! 

Ella was up early, Then we ran a few errands, picked up CFA for lunch and then met Dixie and Ava for Ella to head to get ready and head to Atlanta for Taylor Swift! 

Ella had the BEST time!! and while she was living her best life, we were ready to CRASH! 

Sunday, April 30th- 

Coffee, Jesus, then I went to pick up Ella and do all the things! Later that night, Trixie drove me crazy by barking at the neighbors cat on our front porch! HA 

We finished getting ready for a new week and called it a night! 

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