February Goals

New Month means New Goals!
Y'all know this girl loves goals!! I love sharing them on this little blog of mine because it helps me stay accountable!

Before I share February's goals, let me review January's goals!!

1. Start and Stick with New Health Bet. 
Most weeks I met the minimum requirements for the Heath Bet. However, my plan is to make this a lifestyle change, so I think overall my eating and exercise routine this month was huge for me! 
Baby Steps! (and I just realized I spelled Health wrong on my goal sheet)

Meet Lindsay Ann. She is my AMAZING Beach Body Coach!! 

2. Finish Cleaning Out & Organizing Craft room.
You can see my tour and giveaway here

3. Clean Out & Organize China Cabinet
The bottom of my China Cabinet has 2 cabinets and 3 drawers! They were a HOT MESS! You had to be careful when you opened them but this past weekend I cleaned them out and organized them pretty well! I can find stuff now:)

4. Clean Out & Organize Downstairs Hall Closet
All nice and organized now! 

5. Create 4 New Items for my Etsy Shop

Whew....Let's move onto February's Goals!

1. Recipe Box
I am in the process of rewriting all my recipes on new cards. They are a hot mess right now! 

2. Addresses
I realized when I was addressing Christmas cards that I had a lot of old addresses and missing a few updated addresses. So I hope to get my new rolodex updated! #imoldschool

3. Make Valentine Goodies
Ella still exchanges classroom Valentine's, so we are working on her Valentine design. I also hope to make something sweet!

4. Create 4 New Designs for Etsy Shop
I am having so much fun coming up with new designs. Would you like to see anything in particular in my shop??

5. Complete T25
It's a Beach Body program with Shaun T! 
I'm excited! You workout for 25 minutes and stick to a certain amount of calories each day!! 

Are you a goal setter?? What do you hope to accomplish this month??

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