Hello Monday

Hello Monday! Again, you came way to fast??? Anyone else stay up and watch the Super Bowl. I still can't believe the Falcons lost! That was crazy! I'm not an NFL fan. But it was pretty cool that the Atlanta Falcons went to the Super Bowl and then LOST......

Anyway, Let me share a little bit of life around here lately!

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I have been having a lot of fun joining Stephanie and Beth with their #14daysoflovephoto2017

When you are trying to practice your putting....

Trixie was like "WHAT??"

Thursday night, We had Mother/Son Paint Night at Ella's school! But all students were welcomed! 
But since your Mom is PTO President you have to attend all the events! HA

We painted 'A Starry Night'

Ella with her AMAZING Art Teacher and her version of 'A Starry Night'

Friday after I had cleaned the whole house, I sat down to enjoy my shake and look who wanted in my lap! How can I resist that sweetness??

Friday night looked a whole lot like this.....

Pinot and Pj's....I need to put that on a wine glass! HA 

Sweet Girls! 

Saturday morning, my giveaway ended and I announced the winner! Lisa Lear!!

Later that morning, the boys headed to the golf course #shocker! and the girls headed to the mall because Ella had a birthday party at Build A Bear!! 

While we were waiting for the party to start I feel a tap on my shoulder and it was this sweet boy!! 

Party Time...

After they stuffed their bears, they had fun posing for pictures! 

Ella went home with the birthday girl and I went shopping! 

I also stopped for California Rolls! 

Then Saturday night looked a lot like this....

Relaxing by the fire!! 

Sunday we went to church and lunch! 
Then when we got home Ella went to a friends house to play, Ian practiced putting, Ben and I took naps! HA

Sunday evening we settled in with white chicken chili to watch the Super Bowl!! 

The dogs literally switched back and forth of who was going to lay in my lap! 
I guess I am just that comfy! HA 

Hope you guys had an awesome weekend and got to relax! 

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