Valentine's Plans & Decor

Happy Thursday Friends! Hope your week has been great!

With the Day of Love in 5 days, I thought I would share our Valentine's plans and Valentine Decor! 

A few years ago, when Valentine's Day fell on a weekend Ben and Ian decided they would cook dinner for the girls! Bonus- they did the dishes, as well!
And they still carry on that tradition but only when it's falls on a Saturday or Sunday! HA 
It's just to hard during the week with Ben's crazy work schedule! 

So this year I plan on making them a extra special dinner maybe steaks or ribs! Something that I wouldn't normally cook during the week! We generally grill steaks or smoke ribs on the weekend! But I plan to make it fancy!! 

Ella and I have big plans Friday night to decorate her Valentine Box for her class Valentine's! 

We decided to create her Valentine's this year! 

I thought they were perfect for her!! We plan to finish those up Friday night too!! 

She requested mini cupcakes to take to her class so Monday evening we plan to bake our little hearts out! 
Of course, they will be topped with my mini glitter heart cupcake toppers

That is about all we have planned for Valentine's Day! 

Now let's move onto Valentine Decorations! I don't go all out with decorations, but I do like to add a few touches of love!

Y'all know how much I LOVE my tiered trays! 
This one is used as my centerpiece for our kitchen table! 

The back side!

I used my cupcake toppers in my little fern! 

My kids LOVE emojis! so when I saw these napkins at TJ Maxx I knew they had to come home with me! 

My FAVORITE bowls! 

Behind my sink....I change out these jars for the seasons! 

I left the wine corks from NYE! 

Added pink and red kisses to my midnight kisses from NYE

And what is Valentine's Day without conversation hearts!! :) 

I also leave out these plates from Target and I found some Rae Dunn bowls on one of my trips to TJ Maxx!! 

I also use a tiered stand to store some wine glasses and Rae Dunn Mugs! 

My love of Rae Dunn mugs RUNS DEEP! :) 

A little corner in the living room! 
That white trunk has been in Ben's family for many, many, many years! It holds lots of blankets! 

Heart Pillow from the talent Missy over at The Little Green Bean

For my mantle, I only added this garland from Michael's

I picked up this little Love Birds sign years ago at Kohl's 

I kept seeing everyone with their letter boards, so I thought I needed one too! #peerpressure 

This is the same one that Lindsay talked about last week! It's from General Goods on Etsy but they are currently sold out:( 

It's going to be LOTS of fun changing it out! 

On the front porch, I just have this plant and chalkboard sign! #boring! 

I can't wait to see what you have planned for Valentine's Day!! 

I personally think it should be a National Holiday! 

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